How To Create Quality Concise Relevant Articles On Any Subject In Just Minutes!

The Internet was once originally known to as the ‘Information Super Highway’, a virtual unlimited source of text and pictures providing free information on primarily educational geekish subjects. Today, almost anyone with access is using the Internet to look for and researching all types of information as their starting point of reference.

So it’s your mission, your duty to provide your visitors with accurate focused information. One cannot stress the paramount importance, as well as the overall benefits that you’ll receive from creating ‘to the point’, quality informative and entertaining articles. The first step is – Just do it!

Here are some condensed, hopefully helpful, yet concise brief tips on writing relevant articles and how these little ‘viral marketing goldmines’ can instantly increase your traffic and sales.

So How Do You Write A Great Article
First, forget everything that you were ever taught in your English 12 class or first year college. Writing pertinent articles that get read are ‘Bread and Butter Writing’. You want to write articles with your own flair, your own defined and recognizable style. Most importantly, research has proven that you want to write articles at a Grade 6 to 8 reader level. This level is what most readers can understand and comprehend to. Simple is always genius.

Don’t try to impress your reader audience with your sheer superior intelligence. Avoid using big hard to understand words when you can simply use easier, shorter words that define the same meaning. Don’t ever bore your readers! (Hello… are you still there?? Good 😉 Try adding some sizzle as well as a bit of spice. Try to be unique in style and passion and show your writing personality! Most importantly be yourself.

Each and every article that you write should be approximately 400 to 800 words each – Always try keep your articles short and sweet, concise and to the point of the topic. When you are adding articles as content to your blog or website, then you can write article as long as you want. However, if you submit your articles to the various article directories to promote your product, website or affiliate product, you would want to follow their guidelines which usually stipulates a specific word count as well as format.


Try to use bullet points as well as break up lines of text with transitional effects, like this… and this — or you can use (parenthesis like this), to make it easier for your reader’s to read.

A well written article consists of short, to the point sentences as well as short paragraphs, using bulleted points and sub headings, each that addresses a specific topical point in your article.

Make sure you stay tightly focused on your topic and provide information that is useful. Concise quality is important! Do diligent research and write articles to educate your readers.

People appreciate it when you are specific and to the point, so give them the specifics. Offer links to additional helpful resources if required.

Take advantage of popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo to research and review similar articles and find relevant websites that focus on your subject to research your specific topic.

Keep in mind that there is nothing unethical or illegal about using information that you’ve discovered from another website, blog or article to create an article on the same topic of your own. But remember – NEVER, EVER copy someone else’s articles word for word, that is a cardinal sin. Rather, take notes from an article that you’ve read and use that info to write your own article, just make sure that you put everything into your own words.

As an example, you want to write an article about…

“How Shopping At The Mall Saved My Life And Marriage”

What you want to do is make a list of everything that you already know about this subject to use as a reference point. Next, go to an article directory or Google and research the topic. There should be several relevant listings related to that subject.

Read over the best meaty content of those articles or websites that you’ve found and make yourself a hi-lighted list on your topic. Take the best of your notes and then construct your own article in a easy, simple to read and understandable format.


IMPORTANT TIP: Your goal is to provide superior, over the top, concise informative information in each and every article that you write.

The best articles are the ones that provide great teaser content but also leaves out some crucial information that your reader would want or need to have in order to truly benefit from your knowledge and expertise. This is whats known as the “cliff-hanger” effect, that gets your reader to visit your website or affiliate link for more information.

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