How To Earn $50 To $75 Per Day With Article Arbitrage – Without Writing A Word Yourself

First Of All.. What Is Arbitrage?
Arbitrage is the purchase (buy) and the sale of the exact same product in different markets and earning a profit by taking advantage of the price discrepancies.

How Does Article Arbitrage Work?
You are going to hire article writers to write articles for you and then you will flip the same articles for a profit. You will be paying anywhere between $1 and $2 for each article, and then you turn around and sell the same articles for between $3 and $8, the difference of course is your profit! This is arbitrage at its finest, buy low and sell high. You are virtually guaranteed a price to buy (low) and a price to sell (high), the operative word being ‘guaranteed’. You can become a middleman in the world of article content production. It is as simple as submitting the articles or content to two different websites that I’m going to tell you about.

To begin, you will have to outlay a few dollars (around $30-$50) for initially getting the first set of articles written for you, or if you want, you can write the articles yourself. Initial outsourcing to a freelancer is recommended as maximum profit is achieved by spending your time performing the process rather than bogging your time writing articles.

The 4 Steps For Successful Article Arbitrage
Step 1: Research and understand the type of content and articles which are in demand
Step 2: Find, hire and outsource freelance writers to write that content for $1 to $2 per article
Step 3: Submit and sell the articles for a profit, usually up to $8 per submitted article on average
Step 4: The difference is your profit. If done properly, the money is guaranteed

What you are is a middleman content flipper. Hire writers to produce content, and re-submit the same content for profit, you being the legal author and owner of the content.

Where And How To Hire A Freelance Writer
You are going to hire a freelance writer or ghostwriter, to create and write content for you. When you purchase their services, tell them what niche topic to write about and how and when you want the finished product delivered. It is important to specify “Work Made For Hire”, then you are granted and given the credit as the ‘author’ of the articles regardless of who wrote them. The advantage is, the freelance article content writing market is proliferated with eager writers from around the world willing to work and write for you. Huge companies as well as individuals are currently outsourcing the majority of their work to english proficient countries such as India and the Philippines. These huge companies are employing up to hundreds of people at a time to work for a lower cost than they pay locally. Writers from these countries who freelance, are almost always fully fluent in written English, and their education systems are at times more strict than in North America. Most writers from these countries have above average spelling, grammar and vocabulary skills than the average North American. You can hire one of these skilled individuals for a remarkably low cost. Typically, they will bid and write articles for as little as $1 to $2 each, and many will bid even lower. The majority will do very adequate work for you, and some of them are good enough to put professional American writers to shame (remember, most of the people who do outsourcing are highly trained, university graduates in their countries). So it is recommended you hire these authors instead of spending your time writing your own content.


A recommended site to find excellent affordable writers is: Get A Freelancer (GAF). This site has a higher source of foreign workers than some of the more popular sites, like Elance, and thus, the writers are willing to bid lower for contracts. If you do not feel comfortable hiring these writer based on moral issues, then feel free spending a lot of time writing your own material. This site GAF, is also recommended if you are looking for affordable but qualified programmers or software designers. Once these freelance writers begin bidding, start weeding them out by asking for samples of their work. Make sure you include ‘Original Samples Must Be Provided’ in your work request, if they do not comply, ignore them.

How To Check For and Avoid Plagiarism

Before you pay for the written articles, make sure that you run each and every article through a plagiarism checker. There are two sources which are free: Article Checker and Copyscape. They allow you to copy and paste the article and if they come back as a plagiarism, well, simply don’t pay them, request a rewrite, or just terminate the contract.

Making Money by Article Arbitrage – Where To Submit Your Articles

So you’ve now got a set of articles for your targeted price of $1 to $2 each. Before you submit them, it is recommended that you re-check and edit them if required as you want to distribute good quality original content. There will also be times when your article may be rejected for one reason or another. To eliminate this as much as possible, re-read the articles out loud or get someone to read the article back to you. Reading out loud is the best way to proofread the final product as it forces you to examine the structure of the sentences. If there are serious grammar errors, you can easily pick them out when you’re speaking.

The site that you’re going to be submitting the article content to for pay is Associated Content. This site pays for your content in two separate ways. First, you will get paid between $3 to $8 for every article you submit and gets accepted, provided you allow the articles to be published exclusively. You will also get paid whenever you accumulate 10,000 page views for that article. Sign up at Associated Content and create a pen name for yourself. Any name other than your real name will do.

A NOTE for those not in the US. All transactions are handled through Paypal, but their registration requires an US address. You can rent a US mailbox or find other ways to submit a US address, it’s up to you. The important part is, as long as its US based, they do not check.

Associated Content is a pretty simple process when it comes down to it. You earn money when you submit content and when you generate pageviews. Associated Content generates revenue by selling advertisements such as banners on their site. You are a part of that cog by generating visitors for them by submitting your material.

What Is Associated Content Willing To Pay For?
Associated Content pays for well written, informative and keyword- relevant articles about almost any topic or niche. Including: marketing, poker tournaments, diet and health plans, online music, website reviews etc.

So there you have it, a buy low and sell high model of arbitrage using Articles as a source. Buy a series of well written (500+ word) keyword relevant articles, outsourced overseas for around $1 to $2 each, (yes thats possible), proof read them for grammar and keyword relevancy, submit from 8 to 10 articles per day (to keep under the radar) to AC and earn anywhere from $3 to $8 for each article approved by them.

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