How To Earn Excellent Affiliate Income By Swimming With The Big Fish And Not Getting Eaten

The internet, once known as the ‘Information Super Highway’, has suddenly become a vast dark, deep and murky body of ocean water highly infested with sharks and piranhas. And it’s very likely that you’re finding yourself to be just another small fish cautiously swimming in it’s currents. Wherever and whenever you turn, you find yourself battling face to face with the much bigger dominant fish. You must realize by now that too many of these land sharks are hiding amongst the fibers.

So, if you are standing stagnant in one place for too long my little munchkin friend, you will inevitably be eaten up… sooner than later. That is the very nature of doing business, and that’s especially so on the internet. If you are not constantly moving forward, paddling furiously upstream, if you are not constantly and continually growing and expanding yourself, then it’s just only a matter of time until your business ventures faces its own similar demise. You become cat food.

So You’re Wondering… How Do You Survive In These Waters?
How do you grow yourself or your business so you can at least swim and play with the big fish? Well, part of the answer is leverage. Plan to use leverage properly and then you can profit with or off the big fishes “brand name” products. You can then exponentially catapult yourself fiercely into the big leagues, while at the same time building yourself a much bigger, stable business.

Take a look around you and notice the millions of dollars that the bigger fish are spending on a daily basis, just to develop and put a stamp on their brands.

These big boys are spending tons of money in building their brands into household names. This is done all in part to mark their territory in the marketplace and feeding their hungry egos. On the surface, it appears you are very much at a competitive disadvantage, gee, you think?. But once you learn and understand how you can position yourself and use their assets and the ground work that they laid out for you, you are then going to be in a stronger position.

You see, taking advantage of the ‘Power of Leverage’ is probably one of the the biggest guerrilla business building tactics that can be utilized by anyone big and bold enough to step up and take advantage of it. Before the internet existed, in that real world, it meant making those ugly cold calls and asking, no begging for deals. But today, in this connected world, it is a heck of a lot easier. How? Well, almost every website, every brand name product, selling any intangible or tangible goods or services, has its own Joint Venture Partnership or Affiliate program that anyone can join.


And it’s wide open and available to you, even if your working out of your basement, so take advantage of it and go take the full ride. In fact, they are inviting, almost begging you right now to dine with them in building wealth just like all those other insignificant smaller fish are dutifully bringing in profit for them.

If you are completely new to internet marketing or your cash flow is a little tight, and is not quite flowing right now, then read this at your own risk. This has proven it can be a very quick express route to making substantial income, but it’s not an overnight solution to quick riches. Also, if you are not yet quite familiar with all the nuances, the ‘dips and valleys’ of internet marketing, then you’ll find that when trying to swim with these big fish, they aren’t going to be overly excited or interested in helping you learn through the curve.

But without a doubt – this is certainly a sure path to building your business empire into a bigger and better concern and at your first opportunity, you should jump into the water and begin the journey.

So you’re saying, OK, what the heck, tell me what I have to do, what’s involved?
The gist of it… You market the big boys brand name products via affiliate marketing and you seal the deal by using ‘value added’ services by selling or giving away your own products which add to or benefit the original brand name product. So you are riding the coattails of their already established brand name, you are just simply positioning you and your business to increase your sales by leveraging your service or products into the hands of the affiliate customers, that have not otherwise been exposed to doing business with them.

You create ‘value added’ products to compliment the brand name products of the big fish and then you offer to give them away as a gift or a bonus, to anyone that buys the ‘big fishes’ products via your affiliate link.

OK so you’re not quite seeing the whole picture yet?
Apple has just introduced their latest and greatest, their biggest and best new iPhone 3G (July 2008), and the small fish all over the virtual planet has instantly began to develop add on products such as: how to guides, applications, manuals and software etc., to support the big fishes new venture. For the millions who bought the new iPhone across the world, the majority will spend money in this ancillary niche.

So a bit closer to home, Google, or ‘Big Daddy’, has been operating their Adwords advertising platform for years. What the smart marketers are doing is lining up with their credit cards and buying ‘how to’ guides which will give them the fast track information that will show them how to utilize Adwords, the best and in the most profitable way.

So What’s The Big Picture?
There is no denying that there is great power and advantage in brand name leverage marketing and you have the inside track to rapidly build your own brand by associating with a pre-established one. Your goal is to leverage off
their brand name that they spent millions on, to connect with your customers and break down and refine the brand.

Brands are the big boys biggest allies. Brands are developed and thus exist
in the real world for real people to consume. The most successful brand names are the ones that touch their customers in several different levels. Their ultimate goal in brand recognition is to discover and find out what connects them to their brand and the role its plays in their lives.

Your goal should be to find several related ‘brand name’ products that appeal to that masses. Promote and improve the established products that are in demand and they will appreciate it and you will be successful!


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