How To Earn Fast Easy Money Online Using Google Adwords Content Network

A lot of advertisers who use Google Adwords feel they are “suffocating” at times because they have problems getting enough “targeted” traffic that converts into dollars on their websites. There is a noticeable gap based on how much advertising revenue they pay out and the income they derive from their efforts.

This is because the general idea of Google Adwords is to primarily use the “Search” results portion only, and most stay away, far away, from the “Content Network”, Why? Well, because the thinking is, it simply doesn’t convert. While using the “Content Network” may not work for everybody.. Here are a few reasons you may want to keep in mind:

3 Reasons Why The Content Network Works
1) If you are trying to promote a small obscure niche product such as… “gerbil training”, or any other similar “not” so popular niche, you are obviously really limiting the market you can target. So rather than thinking the conventional “tight niche”, think more broad general topics. What would the general population be more interested in? If you want to pick a niche… then pick a population behavior niche. Pick a specific age group and determine how they think and what they want. For example, Wordtracker shows 1258 searches for the “gerbil training” but shows 75074 results for “Paris Hilton”. Which market would you rather target?

The difference becomes exponential when you are limited to targeting an ebook based on “gerbil training”, only to those who are interested in gerbils. While targeting broad niche populations who are interested in “Paris Hilton”, would also enjoy “celeb gossip” and other “celebrity stuff” in general. If you add other popular terms in the same population range, such as… “Lindsay Lohan”, “Christina Aguilera”, “Miley Cyrus” etc, then your market instantly expands. Hopefully you get the general idea of the power of this.

2) While this approach to Google Adwords using the Content Network may seem unconventional and may not seem very targeted, the idea is to find a broad affiliate product that all these visitors would be interested in. The best type of product to promote in this case are CPA or (Cost Per Action) offers that pay out commission payments without requiring any kind of purchase. All they usually require to be “qualified”, is someones: Street Address, Zip Code, email address or cell phone number for you to get paid.

So you may be wondering, why would these CPA companies pay you just for a simple email? Well, its because these sophisticated advertisers who use these CPA/PPL companies use advanced monetization strategies which to them, comes down to a simple numbers game. While affiliate vendors from say..Clickbank may send out the odd email to its subscribers, these CPA email/zip submit companies will send email after email for “offers” that “everyone wants”. These offers may range from: gift cards, iphones, weight and diet loss products, credit card offers, insurance etc. What they do is get these people to sign-up for other CPA “Incentive” type offers.


3) If you go to: Watch Video 5 and then click Slide 5: And listen to.. “The Reach of Search”. Google clearly states that the “Search” pages are only 5% of where their surfers spend their time, while the other 95% spend their time on actual websites, which is where the Content Network ad placements are.

So going back to Google Adwords, most of the affiliates have two basic problems: Getting Focused Traffic and Converting Them

If you use the “Content Network” properly, you do not need a landing page, the Google Content Network at this time is little more “lenient” than if you would use the search network (Google Slap), as far as the quality score is concerned. All that is usually required is just your affiliate link.

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