How To Eat Healthy When On A Budget –

If you feel that you can’t consume healthy nutritious food, just because of some of the high prices of some healthy food products, then hopefully you will find these tips helpful.

You can eat affordable healthy food on a budget.

1. Eliminate All That Cheap Junk Food
Going out and doing grocery shopping on your own is the easiest and the most affordable way to shop, as kids and at times spouses, are always requesting that dreaded impulsive junk food. Grocery shopping alone will usually prevent this, and make sure that you buy only the healthy foods that you need.

2. Drink Water or Milk Instead of Soda or Sport Drinks
Sure, you can still enjoy your favorite beverage at say a sporting event or a night out. But you should be sticking with the smallest amounts of these expensive, high sugar content beverages when grocery shopping to save calories as well as money. Kids as well as adults need to drink lot of milk or eat milk products on a regular daily basis. Milk helps you to maintain and get strong, as well as providing calcium for healthier bones and healthier teeth.

3. Buy Fruits and Vegetable in Quantity
When fruits and vegetables are in season, try buying fresh produce in quantity amounts, and freeze them if you have any extra. You can then buy several pounds this way, and store any leftovers in your freezer, and save them until the fruit or vegetable goes out of season. Make sure you always wash the produce well, remove spoiled pieces, dry thoroughly, then freeze in air tight plastic zipper bags. They do not lose their natural value that much.

4. Meats and Beans
Quality meat and beans are two of the best sources for protein. Lean meat is a little more expensive than meat with a bit of fat, such as ground beef. Canned beans are always a great deal, as they give you the same valuable protein as meat, at an affordable price.


5. Using Beans as a Substitute
You can use beans as a substitute for meat. As there are several great variety of beans. You can always prepare a stew or chili in a crock pot, so when you get home, the meal is ready to eat. recommends eating high fiber beans at least 3 to 5 times per week. If you experience a bit of gas after eating beans, you should try washing them first, then cover them with water. Bring the water to a boil, then drain them off and refill the pot.

6. If you happen to live on the coast, or anywhere that fresh, affordable fish is available, you can make fish an integral part of your diet. You can always catch fish from the various lakes or rivers, and save money in the process. Fish and seafood has the highest concentration of the good fats and oils.

7. Eating peanut butter is good for those who may be on a budget. It’s always popular with almost everyone, provided you aren’t allergic to peanuts. You can use peanut butter for sandwiches with bananas, instead of eating say… hot dogs. It does need refrigeration, and the larger jars can last you for weeks.

8. You should always consume foods that have a high concentration of water. Foods such as: salads, watermelon and other melons, and even gelatin (sugar free), are all great examples.

Eating healthy should always be a priority. You can eat healthy for just a few dollars, which helps if you are on a budget. You can always maintain that healthy lifestyle that you’ve always wanted.

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