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The internet provides an answer for everyone. Every single little possible niche or obscure topic that tickles your fancy, is covered one way or another. So why not produce your own ebook and reap the profits for years to come. These internet niche ebook campaigns you see are often handled by just one person with a few exceptions. So you think that the internet marketer who’s orchestrating the ebook marketing campaign, just happens to be a god gifted writer who is an absolute expert in that particular niche. Well, not so.

The content that is created for the niche should be completely relevant to the topic, offer a solution to the problem provided on the salespage, and the material should be written by a professional. The content that is supplied should be of concise true information for your best selling full length ebook, that’s to be featured on Clickbank.

Ebooks as you know are usually in PDF format, and are the electronic version of books. They are usually shorter than the 400 page, paper bound books found in your local bookstores. They are short and concise on topic, usually around 50 pages or less. They are distributed over the internet in electronic format, and made available to all readers via transportation via download from emails or websites. The focus will be primarily on writing these ebooks and how easily they can be outsourced to ghost writers who write well and know the subject. You collect the profits. But where oh where to find these writers.

The ABC’s Of Outsourcing Your Ebook
Those of you who have a passion in a particular niche subject do not qualify you to write an ebook on the subject. You will however be involved in the skeleton creation of the outline of the ebook, as well as the final editing. A professional writer should be outsourced for the guts of the ebook, unless you are an exceptional writer and have pure product knowledge of your target niche. If not, leave the responsibly of writing the initial draft to the pros. They will also be responsible for making revisions as required.

So cut the crap of sitting in front of your laptop and pounding out the writing of your 50 page ebook and just outsource the writing portion. This is the smart way to go as it will save you time and money. Outsourcing to independent contractors is the way to go, and a much more affordable option.

Finding The Perfect Ghost Writer for the Job
Once you have made up your mind on your niche topic and the decision to outsource your ebook, then begins the process of finding that perfect writer to accurately write the ebook. Take into consideration a few factors to consider in picking a writer. Consider what the price is, type of previous experience, and of course the quality of writing based on samples.


Prioritizing these steps are important in the process to help you decide. For example, if the cost is your highest priority, followed by the quality of writing, and then experience in the particular niche, you may be tempted to outsource a writer who’s slightly less adept, but willing to write for a lower fee.

The search for a writer to help you can be found either locally or globally. You can try conducting a local search by placing an ad in the local papers or Craigslist etc. A global search can also begin but on the Internet, where there are a variety of websites available for those who are wanting to outsource their writing work. In either scenario, your search should suggest relevant info that you would like potential applicants to provide.

Whether you decide to go local or global, you’ll likely receive multiple responses for your search. Begin the evaluation process by eliminating those who have obvious poor quality, they are easiest to spot. This is important as the quality of work should be your top priority.

Pick 3 to 5 potential applicants and contact them via phone or online. Decide whether or not the applicant would be able to meet your expectations. Also discuss scheduling and the time allowance to determine whether the applicant is available immediately, to complete the project according to your time line and not theirs.

After the interview process, make a decision. Do not base it on you have to pick someone from the ones you’ve just interviewed. If you do not feel comfortable with any of them, continue the search. So decide to hire one of the applicants, or continue to interview a few more of the applicants who were lower on your list, or just repost your ad and solicit for new writers.

Profit From Selling Your Ebook On The Internet
1.) Find a niche or topic that’s in demand, but the information is in little supply. A topic that people would pay for. Pick a micro niche topic for your ebook.
One great Example is Acne Free In 3 Days – Click Here. This has been a best seller on Clickbank for years. Acne is a problem, and he offers the solution in his ebook.

2.) Don’t write the ebook yourself, unless you are an exceptional writer. Outsource the writing to a pro. Consider the cost, product knowledge and writing expertise when hiring that writer.
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3.) Outsource or write the Salespage yourself, create a problem and offer a solution in the ebook. Get a domain name based on the niche keyword. Outsource or make an ebook cover yourself.
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4.) Sell your ebook on Clickbank. Offer at least a 50% commission so the affiliates on Clickbank will do the selling for you.
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