How To Get Enthusiastic About Writing – Easy Tips To Get Great Ideas

So you want to write something. But don’t know what to write about? Well, here are some easy ways to get ideas to activate your writing. The first and most obvious that comes to mind is brainstorming.. but there are other methods that can be just as effective.

Ask Yourself Questions – And The Answers Will Come To You… Don’t Froget To Write Them Down
We as once kids were fascinated about everything and asked a lot of questions. But as adult, we seem to unfortunately grow out of it, which is a shame as thats one of the biggest taps to open our creativity. Someone once said, there are no stupid questions… just stupid answers.

So get in the habit of asking a lot of questions, and ask these to yourself.

Have a notebook handy and write down your queries or have a program to type in your questions on your computer and save them.

Asking Questions And Just Wondering About Them Is A Vital First Step
To set everything in motion, all you do is ask yourself and the process will be set into autopilot. Once provoked, your subconscious brain will automatically kick into gear and act as a pivot to 80% of your creativity output. You just have to set it up, give it direction and eventually the answers will somehow arrive.

The answer will eventually come to you in person, or by browsing the internet or by a flash of inspiration. So it is vital you ask yourself something of importance as the correct answer will arrive just the same and just as automatically.


Read a lot. Reading is a great primary form of entertainment, you will get lost in its content and it’s an excellent way to get ideas. The ideas or answers do not come to you from a result of the reading itself, but it’s an way to activate the imagination, and allows your subconscious mind to feed you ideas.

Watching movies or TV programs can also have the same effect, your mind gets lost, you relax, your brain is drifting… drifting… Before long, you suddenly get inspired and ideas hit you like an egg on a frying pan.

Write With Freedom
You actually know a lot more than you really think you do. One of the ways to discover what you actually know about something is just to start
writing freely about a topic. The process partners your subconscious mind with your mind and them transfers them to your fingertips on the keyboard.

So go ahead, pick a question, any question or topic. If you’ve been instructed to do a series of articles or write a report, then write on that topic. Just write what immediately comes to your mind for 15-20 minutes on paper or keyboard. Write what comes to mind based on that topic.

The majority of what you write will be garbled junk with spelling mistakes and poor grammar. But guaranteed, you will come up with some great ideas – useful ideas that just popped into your mind. Writing is an art of describing precisely and economically what you are thinking.

Writing free also has other benefits. Write freely for a limited set time, say ten minutes on any topic, then after that, the ideas and substance for project will flow much more easily.

So if you are on commission to copywrite for say a financial topic or real estate, you have no interest in say… sliding interest mortgage rates or house construction, but when you free write, it will get you into the groove and will get you enthusiastic. Enthusiasm and interest is a prerequisite to activate the creative process and the flow of great ideas on the topic. So write away.

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