How To Get That Elusive $75,000+ Job – Tips On Landing That High Paying Executive Position

Openings at $75K to $500K+

It’s just a natural progression for anyone to strive and aim for career advancement, leading to added prestige and monetary growth. It gives you that feeling of satisfaction, achievement and finally all that hard work and advanced education is finally paying off. A promotion, or that new higher paying executive job is, indeed, the best reward that you can get.

However, for some who feel all that hard work leading to potential career advancement with the same company is abandoning them, their luck in this area seems illusive, they are then forced to find their career growth elsewhere. That’s why some has opted for using a professional executive job search firm. You hope that one day, you can be fortunate enough to find that high paying executive position, that you have been long dreaming about.

But you cannot afford to blame this all on luck or the lack of it. There are some factors you have to take into account, that needs to be considered when looking for that elusive, high paying executive position.

Landing that executive job is based purely and methodically on a plan of action, and not fate.

Here are some tips regarding successful executive job searches, and ultimately landing that job:

1. You Have To Look The Part – Yes, Killer Looks Help

The old famous saying, “If Looks Can Kill,” is not really that much of an understatement. Obviously, ‘kill’ is used literally, and ‘look’ is often associated with staring. But the most paramount, vital message is that your look and first impression (or in some cases the lack of it), can definitely make or kill your chances on landing that highly sought after, competitive executive job. This especially if you the applicant, misses this important factor: you looking the absolute best you can.

Another saying goes, “First Impressions Last.” So it’s a pertinant idea to make that very first impression count, by looking your best for that particular job. So when you’re seeking for that executive job, you should ‘dress and look to kill’ for the position. This way, that executive job may just be yours.


2. Show Some Skill, Confidence And Mastery
When applying for executive positions, show some swagger, assertiveness, confidence and maybe even a bit of arrogance. Most employers seeking executive help are looking to hire those who are already groomed for the position, and are already an expert in the field in question. This means that you as the applicant, should be fully adept in the area concerning your chosen career. This will prove that you as the applicant, has already established a coherent, successful career and is already knowledgeable in the field.

Do not come across as a “jack of all trades” applicant, thus proving you are a “master of none.” Sixty five percent of potential applicants are actually hired because of their precise expertise in the exact field they are applying for. This means that employers and headhunters are more concerned with those who have already mastered and excelled at their chosen careers, and have also established successful continuous career growth.

Finding available executive job openings are one thing, but actually going out and getting that dream job is another. When you look and act the part, it goes a long way to land that job!

Openings at $75K to $500K+

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