How To Get The “Best Rate For A Cd” – Getting Best Rates For Certificate Of Deposits

CDs that Help You Earn

Here is how you can get the “best rates for cd” or Certificates of Deposit, as they are designed to reward you as the depositor, who is able to deposit funds, and then leave the funds for an agreed specific length of time. The length or term of the CD’s, to get the best rates for certificates of deposits, can be as short as three months and up to as long as sixty (60) months. The interest rates you will earn on Certificates of Deposits is a fixed amount depending on the term of the deposit. Investing in Certificates of Deposits with “The Bank Of Internet” requires a minimum deposit of $1,000. To get the best current rates for cd’s, please look at the “Interest Rate Table”
for the best competitive current “Certificate Of Deposit” interest rate yields you are able to earn based on the amount deposited.

How To Get The Best Rates For Certificates of Deposit With The Bank Of Internet
* $1000 minimum balance to open
* No additional fees
* Compounded Daily
* Funds Paid Monthly Into Your Account, Also payable by Check or can be Wired Directly to Your Checking Account
* Certificate of Deposit accounts can be a maximum of $100,000

How To Get The Best Rate For A CD – What Is A Certificate Of Deposit
If you’re looking for a low risk, yet short term method to invest your money, you may want to consider investing in a Certificate of Deposit or CD. A Certificate of Deposit is very similar to a traditional savings account, as it allows you to save your money while earning interest on it. The only difference with a Certificate of Deposit is that you cannot withdraw the funds until the agreed maturity period of from 3 months to 5 years. The key to getting the best rates for certificates of deposit is getting the longest term possible for a higher interest rate, which will of course will yield higher earnings.

Some money brokers may at times offer you the best Certificate of Deposit interest rates, but the drawback is they will usually require a much larger deposit amount than a credit union or bank. They may require a minimum deposit of $10,000 or more. There is also a risk when you purchase from a broker, as at times, they may or may not be properly insured by the (FDIC) Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation. Because of this, you may want to go with a financial institution as it is more secure.

Once you have secured the best rate for your certificate of deposit, you need to pay close attention to the date of maturity of your CD, as some banks may automatically renew, without contacting you, if you do not specify otherwise. If this occurs, you can potentially miss out on a higher interest rate as you are locked into the old ‘interest rate’. So rather than allowing the bank to automatically renew the Certificate of Deposit when it expires, its better to take the money and reinvest it into a different, higher rate if available.

The Bank of Internet USA, has its headquarters in San Diego, California and services customers throughout the United States.


The Bank Of Internet is FDIC insured, BofI offers banking and loan services strictly over the Internet. You can also visit the home office in San Diego.

Bank of Internet USA originated with a board of directors and management team that has previous extensive banking experience. President and CEO, Gary Lewis Evans, is an Internet banking pioneer with history going back to 1994.

The Bank of Internet made history by raising more than $14 Million in capital as a newly formed bank, more than any other bank in the county has ever done.

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