How To Write Articles And Then Submit Them For Free

Writing and submitting articles to article and ezine sites has proven to be one of the most quickest and effective of all free traffic generating techniques. You may not actually generate any real traffic for your site immediately, but this technique will serve very well over time. It is worth the effort to learn how to do it properly and use it to your fullest advantage.

You may be thinking that you have no writing ability at all, but you’re probably wrong. You might not quite be ready to write the ‘Great North American Novel’, but you can easily write articles about the topic of your site, or about the products that you are selling. You just need to follow the guidelines for making them effective.

The first and most important is the relevant keywords of your article topic in the title or the headline. The title MUST contain the keywords that are related to the topic of your site or product. This is the very first thing that other site owners or the E-zine publishers will look for when they are deciding to reproduce your article on their sites. They know that the keywords are what the major search engines use in determining the results of their searches.

* Note: Search engines are the main method people use to find products, services or information that they are looking for on the internet. To find that product or info, they type their specific ‘keywords’ into the search boxes of their favorite search engine. For example; they’ll type in ‘lazy diet’ or ‘lose weight while sleeping’. The direct results that the search engines will provide, are based on these keywords that the searcher uses.

The other thing about an important title or headline on your article is that it must pull attention. You can’t just put a title on your article such as ‘Lose Weight’. You’ll have to make your title eye grabbing and interesting enough to entice the internet reader to on keep reading. Surfers are known to have a very low attention span, most will glance for less than a second and move on. So ‘Best Easy Diets That Work’…well, that isn’t that great either. How about, ‘Fast Diets Used In Heaven’ or ‘The Guaranteed Chocolate Cake Diet Including Icing’? Either of those titles should entice people who are looking for information about easy diets to keep reading.

The second most important part of your article are the first few words in first line of your paragraph. Surfers as mentioned have notoriously short attention spans and never actually read anything ‘word for word’, unless it’s info that they believe will serve their needs, or will solve their problem. So…a captivating title…and the first eye catching, problem solving line are the bait and the hook that entices a reader to slow down and actually read your article. The first line obviously needs to contain the keywords, preferably twice, as well as it being attention grabbing.


Another important step when writing articles that you are submitting to article websites is that they must be short. They should only be a maximum of around 400 words, better if they are closer to 300 words. Once you start writing, it’s easy for you to get carried away and suddenly, you’ll have a 1000 word article. Usually you will start writing and then forget to stop, so break long wordy articles down, or make three different articles out of the one long one.

Make sure you use short snappy relevant sentences as well as short paragraphs. Remember, short attention spans. Don’t use any big words and never use run-on sentences. Make your article easy to read. Go easy on the “!? ‘exclamation’ points, as well. One exclamation point will usually indicate importance or excitement… a few more of them are just annoying.

The resource box, next to the title and first paragraph, the resource box, which appears at the end of your article is the next most important thing to you. Other site or e-zine owners who downloaded or reproduced your article are required to include your resource box. So that box needs to contain your full name, contact information and a link to your website. That back-link is whats going to increase the traffic for you.

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