How To Write That Executive Resume For That High Paying $100,000+ Job

Openings at $75K to $500K+

So what then makes an executive resume be considered “executive”? Is it the presentation or the format? It most likely has to be the content and layout? Or are high paying executive resumes all about a personal marketing strategy? Executive resumes looking for those positions paying over $100,000 per year are a little different in all of these areas. These finely tuned resumes are targeted directly towards a ‘head hunter’ or hiring agent that’s seeking more than just a typical job seeker with average credentials and qualifications.

The person and executive behind this resume must meet and show specific visionary and marketing qualities that will surpass regular achievement-based resumes. Executive resumes must also demonstrate success in leadership and achievement in previous positions, as well as outlining ‘success’ strategies that will or can be transferred over to the next employer. The executive resume should highlight all these finer points and details together into a highly crafted precise document.

Executive resumes not only should present a top-tier, professional appearance at first glance, but also should incorporate the writers personal branding so it will stand out from the crowd, thus landing that highly sought after interview. These highly crafted resumes communicate significant leadership qualities, as well as demonstrating the vision of the potential employee in the future. A well written and presented resume must project who the person is and what he or she can do for the organization.

Executive resumes usually present and project a “bigger picture” overview of the potential executives career path and how in each previous position, that person has demonstrated the ability to take control of the leadership reins and consequently brought the organizations into steady growth, developed new markets, expanded offerings, and profited from it. These specific issues are different from say, mid-level or entry-level resumes, which concentrate primarily on specific job skills, education or on job accomplishments.

When producing an effective executive resume that will land that coveted interview, the end party will gain a closer understanding of the exact management style, career goals, candidate personality, and what the specific selling points are contributing to their career success. A direct communications strategy should also be developed in the resume, to lure and then persuade the hiring agent to contact you. These finely developed resumes not only portray the professional executives experience, but also communicate a high desire to succeed, and must also have in-depth knowledge of the specific industry in question.

While there are many executive job seekers that feel comfortable writing their own resumes, any successful executive understands that investing in a good marketing plan for their job search is important. Most executives also may not have the time nor the inclination to attempt such strategic business communication strategies such as developing an executive resume themselves. Therefore, they may decide to “outsource” it to professional executive career marketing firms. A survey conducted by a well-known placement firm revealed that over 80% of executives who make a salary of more than $100,000 a year, use professional career marketing firms to develop their resumes.


So what is required is a professional marketing piece to further your career success. This can guarantee interviews within a few weeks, when looking and applying for that coveted executive position.

Openings at $75K to $500K+

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