How Toxic Is Your Body – Take This 45 Question Quiz To Find Out – Solution: A Body Cleanse

In this ever increasing industrial world that we live in, our bodies as a result builds up unwanted, unhealthy toxins. We all know by now that that’s a given. The real question is how much and from where? Does the body cleanses readily available really work or do they just mask the problem?

Well, every single living person has not some, but massive amounts of toxins resident in their bodies causing disease and illness. And yes, these simple body cleanses such as: liver and gallbladder cleanses, kidney and bladder cleanses, heavy metal cleanses, and fat cleanses can flush out and will prevent you from getting sick by removing disease.

Here is a list of 45 Questions to see how much toxins and the different types that reside in your body. Each question just requires a ‘Yes or No’, and if you answer more than 25 questions with a ‘Yes, then it’s time for that body cleanse kit.

Top 45 Questions – How Toxic Is Your Body?
1. Have you taken or have been prescribe antibiotics in your life?
2. Have you ever gotten a vaccine?
3. Have you ever taken Tylenol or Aspirin, or Ibuprofen, or any other type of over the counter medication for pain relief?
4. Do you shower or bathe in regular tap water?
5. Do you always drink water straight out of the tap?
6. Have you ever been swam in a pool where chlorine was used?
7. Do you use a cell phone without electromagnetic chaos protection?
8. Do you use a laptop computer with any type of wireless device?
9. Do you watch TV? Well..duhhh
10. Do you watch TV on a high-definition television?
11. Do you use a wireless telephone device in your house?
12. Do you use a remote control device for your television or any other electronic appliance?
13. Do you have satellite television?
14. Do you drive a car or ride in a car every day?
15. Do you drive in heavy city traffic?
16. Have you ever used hair dyes?
17. Have you ever used fingernail polish?
18. How about any type of makeup or cosmetics?
19. Have you ever use: body lotions, moisturizers, and sunscreens on your skin?
20. Do you use store bought chemical air fresheners in your house?
21. Have you ever used bug spray in your house?
22. Do you use standard cleaning products in your house?
23. Do you use standard store bought soap and detergent for your skin and clothes?
24. Do you use toothpaste containing fluoride?
25. Do you eat in any type of fast-food restaurants at least twice a week?
26. Do you eat in regular restaurants at least once or twice a month?
27. Do you eat food products produced by those large publicly traded corporations?
28. Do you buy famous brand name food products heavily advertised on TV?
29. Do you eat foods that are not certified 100-percent organic?
30. Do you eat: poultry, beef, lamb, eggs or dairy products that are not certified organic?
31. Do you eat any type of pork or shellfish?
32. Do you use any type of artificial sweeteners, primarily NutraSweet or Splenda?
33. Do you drink carbonated soda (Coke) at least 3 or 4 times a week?
34. How about diet sodas at least 3 – 4 times a week?
35. Do you have less than two large bowel movements daily?
36. Have you taken ‘over the counter’ drugs (nonprescription) purchased from a drugstore?
37. How about prescription drugs in the last five or so years?
38. Do you use nonstick pans (teflon) to cook with?
39. Do you use store bought deodorant and antiperspirants on a daily basis?
40. Do you drink at least 6 – 8 glasses of purified filtered water every day?
41. Have you ever had a colonic or enema?
42. Do you live near ‘high tension’ electric power lines?
43. Do you live within several miles of some type of manufacturing plant?
44. Do you live within 50 to 100 miles of some type of agricultural area where produce is grown?
45. Do you live within 80 miles of any type of ranch where: cattle, livestock, chickens are raised?

This is just a few of the toxins that enter your body, whether airborne or internally. Due to our industrialized world, this believe it or not is a relatively new phenomena. Even just 75 years ago, people were not exposed to these types of toxins in their environment we are today.


It seems the amount of toxins that we put into our body increases. These toxins are in our water supplies, in the air, and our food supply. It becomes a vicious circle as more and more people are made aware of these toxins, the amount of nonprescription and prescription drugs goes up in an attempt to cure it. The best solution is by using a body cleanse for the toxins and you will feel better and see and feel the results.

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