How We Fall Victim To The Desperate Need Of Materialistic Values

keeping up with technologyWhat we’re all forced into is complying to the problem that is our current society’s materialistic value system. What we did was ignored the stern warnings at the dawn of the twenty first century, that the dictator of our lives would be corporate greed.

We know that companies go in and out of business, or they’ll merge to form huge conglomerates, this to exert an ever growing brand influence on the general public. Products will also come and go, as there’s an ever growing demand to innovate and get better.

What marketing does is dictates our entire existence, this from the politicians who’s campaigns cost millions to voting citizens, who’s lives are being led down the path by the commercialism of today’s media.

The few elite who’s acquired their massive amounts of wealth are those who sets the standards, this for the rest of us, so that their wealth only increases at our expense.

To Feed The Sheep
Every family member who’s now capable of working needs to contribute to sustain the household. We become busy hurrying to work, then quickly rush back home during our working existence.

Rush hour traffic now starts earlier and extends far later. Drivers no longer give the right of way to the lowly pedestrian. We’re always in a constant rush to get somewhere faster. We in a frantic state will conduct our business on our smartphones while sitting in traffic.

Kids today no longer go out and play outdoors as we did during our generation. Kids with their ever shortening attention spans now needs to be kept active with sponsored activities, as parents need to drive them back and forth from one event to another.


Why So Busy Chum
The massive number of cars on the roads are only increasing. People now walk just to get to their cars. They’ll then jump into their car so they could drive to the mall that’s just a block away.

Drivers will get into car accidents or run someone over because they’re too preoccupied, not paying attention. If no one’s watching, they’ll just leave the scene because they can’t be bothered to face the financial and time consuming burden imposed by the law.

The Rapid Acceleration
The media and news sources can no longer keep up with the world. It you sit down and did nothing but read news headlines for an entire day, you would just be scratching the surface of the news.

Bloggers are encouraged to post content on a daily basis, this to keep relevant, otherwise the reader will get bored and then move on to different things. The Internet is responsible for we living in an age of massive information overload.

Every brand, company, marketer has become desperate to sell us something. Our emails and Facebook timelines are flooded with merchandise offers, everything from teeth whitening to home loans.

They place spyware on our computers so they can track our exact buying habits. Marketing gurus will guarantee we can become millionaires for $49.95.

They give us more credit than we need, only to fall prisoner to debt, keeping us broke, while we continue to buy things as if we were rich.

The Computer Monster
The Personal Computer was developed as an act of desperation itself. Over three decades ago, the humble computer was mass produced and made affordable, this for office automation, this to run basic clerical functions.

Computers today have become another appliance, now being 20,000X more powerful than the first clunky machines, which were nerd rockstars of technological marvel back then.

Storage from a single-sided 5.25 inch floppy which stored 180,000 bytes of data, now just has the capacity to store a single “selfie.” What’s now standard are 1TB or 1,099,511,627,776 byte hard drives.


Disk storage has increased over a million times in the past twenty-five years. A smartphone is now more powerful than the first mass produced PC.

Is This Really Progress
What most claim is that it’s just progress which is true, but this progress has exponentially propelled too quickly in too short a time. So quick that the law and the regulators can no longer keep up.

The majority of this progress is based on the intent to obsolete the old equipment, this so the manufacturers can sell faster cheaper computers to keep ahead of their competition.

What this does is increases the frustration of those attempting to learn new software or processes, and just as they become proficient at it, becomes obsolete.

Fast Forward Progress
Computers are manufactured in rapid fire fashion, resulting in the system designs having flaws and thus being inefficient. Constant updates are needed, this to patch the latest viruses and malware.

Computers can be built as efficient and reliable as your microwave, but because of the urgency that is technology, and the inefficient faulty software that’s written, the computer has no lifespan.

Push The “Halt” Button
It appears that the harder we work, the less time that we have to stop and smell the roses. The more that we choose to rush, the more frustrated we become. As the world turns more corporate, the pace of our lives quickens that much more.

Today there’s no idea or purpose which doesn’t have its roots in some type of financial scheme. As long as we worship the greed that we called money being the holy grail, our lives will continue to live with desperation.

What’s been suggested is that we have a need to keep up with today’s rapid paced environment. That if we don’t keep up with our peers, then there’s a sense of abandonment, a fear of loss.

What many don’t realize is that it’s ruthless capitalism that’s force feeding us this hunger, without even realizing it.

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