How You Can Get Better Focused Blog Traffic From Technorati

It’s now a pretty well known fact that using a WordPress blog can exponentially increase your website traffic and because it is code friendly to attract search engines, your website will automatically rank higher on the results pages. There is also a social media service called Technorati, that can take your blog to the higher levels.

Technorati is a mini self contained search engine specifically designed for blogs. It allows for their visitors to find your content quickly and easily by searching for related keywords (tags) on their search function. There are now more than 55 million blogs listed on Technorati and is only becoming more popular.

It’s functions and reactions are similar to normal search engines with one distinct difference. Instead of Technorati crawling and ranking blogs using predetermined complex algorithms, Technorati allows bloggers to use tags on their posts using relevant keywords that best describes their content, so that the exact information appears in the results pages when those exact keyword tags are searched.

What this means is that like regular search engines, you do not have to wait for Technorati to index your blog because each tag you use will automatically get your post listed for that particular keyword. Each tag you make helps Technorati categorize your blog content and all other posts using the same tag.

Even if your blog is just a few days old, as long as your blog is listed in Technorati, you can get the content of your blog listed in a couple of days (this is unlike traditional search engines such as Google, that can can take months for new websites to be indexed). This will enable you to get immediately exposure and targeted traffic based on “tags” to your blog. Here is a short video by blog expert Tinu Abayomi-Paul…

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