How You Can Place Targeted “Free Classified Ads” In Facebook’s MarketPlace

There is absolutely no doubt that the nature and the intent of the internet has shifted and changed significantly over the past few years. The most obvious change has been the rapid growth of the ‘interactivity’ of websites on a truly global scale. With this sudden proliferation of “peer to peer” websites and blogs claiming to be Web 2.0 friendly, also witnessed the stunning growth in the popularity of social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. It’s becoming increasingly clear that individuals all over the world are using these sites as the principal means of collaboration and communication in ever increasing numbers.

So not surprisingly, it was only a matter of time that businesses and internet marketers, big or small would eventually sink their gritty teeth into these sites as means to expanding their customer base via “Hey, I know you because…” based, network marketing.

For this reason, has passed over the 200 million member mark and as a result has become increasingly attractive areas for advertisers to become involved with. Facebook is now the second largest of the social networking sites, and is currently growing at a phenomenal rate. So there is absolute potential in how you and your business can potentially use Facebook as a source of new customers for your products or service.

Using FaceBook Classified Advertising
So you may have notice on the top left-hand side bar of your Facebook homepage that there is a section called ‘Marketplace’. This is the organic Free Classified Advertising section of the Facebook site.

Over the past few years, many online individuals and internet marketers have enjoyed success with various classified advertising sites (such as Craigslist, and USFreeads).
Here is a pic of the categories of Classified Ads available in the Facebook ‘Market Place’:

So, it is just a matter of creating your own short classified ad and then sending the interested parties from there to your website landing page or blog where you could promote your product or service. Obviously as it is a free service, blatant “Spam” type of direct advertising will get your ad deleted and possibly your account and IP address banned.


So although there is a distinct ‘For Sale’ area on the Classified Ads section, you should not directly attempt to sell your product or service in your advertisement as this is extremely unlikely to be successful and against their TOS to an extent.

The primary objective is placing your ad in “MarketPlace” is to drive people to your website.
As an example, say that you are promoting the latest diet related affiliate program. You would not promote this program directly on the classified ad.

What you should do, however, is send people using a link from your classified ad to your landing page by offering the readers a free diet related item that they can only receive by visiting your site.

So if you have… say a Free PLR Diet or Fat Loss e-book or special report to give away, then this would be an ideal free gift to offer to anybody who visits your site. On your site, you would have an opt-in form in order for them to receive the free gift. The majority of online business experts and marketers still agree that compiling a targeted mailing list is your business lifeline.

This way, even if your site visitor does not buy your diet related training program, you would at least have collected their name for your mailing list, and that is someone that could potentially become a customer at some point in the future.

The classified ads that you can place in the Facebook “MarketPlace” has so far been entirely Free of charge, and you should take advantage of this resource as much as possible, but please don’t abuse it.

Before you start, make sure you check the types of advertising placed in the Facebook marketplace to get a general idea of what is acceptable and what is not. Facebook marketplace, like the Social Ads program ,is tailored and focused to meet the needs of local specific markets and geographic areas.

Since the service is free, you can create and experiment with as many different classified ad units as you want. Enhance the effectiveness of your ads by say… including pictures wherever possible in order to make your ads stand out from the crowd.

Like Social Ads, the classified advertising can either be limited to your specific geographical location, or it can be published on a worldwide basis or targeted geographical locations. This is particularly advantageous if your product is digitally delivered or a CPA type of offer.

The disadvantage of classified advertising within the Facebook community is the same basic malady of what all ‘Classified Ads” suffer, which is you cannot place your ads in anyones way, (they have to find you), and you will have no idea who actually views your ads. But it is a Free service, so who’s complaining.


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