How Your Numerology Number Can Reveal Your Medical History

What’s known is that experiencing stress in life can be the trigger that leads to disease. What disease points to is an unfulfilled life of not reaching potential. The theory of using Numerology to release stress and illness does exist, this by using our date of birth as it correlates with certain diseases.

Stress most damages to our brains, as the mind relays it back to our bodies, which affects our health.

Extreme levels of stress leads to changes in our body composition and chemistry, which alters the state of our mental, physical, and energy levels.

The result is known as psycho-somatic illnesses. What we can do is calculate our stress “number” using numerology.

Then we should be able to expose all of the major illnesses that’s pertaining to that number.

Our stress number gives us clues to which part of our body is susceptible to certain illnesses, while hopefully preventing us from making the same mistakes.

Not knowing our stress number delays this progress, while draining out our energy.

The Single Digit Stress Number

Our stress number becomes a constant in our lives, such as it can be a sign of some type of upcoming disturbance, or something that we’re already experiencing.

If you live in a house that’s the same number as your stress number, then you can potentially experience turmoil.

For instance, your home address is Suite 31-420 Alder Crescent.

Add the digits together to come up with a single digit, this for numerology purposes. 3+1+4+2+0=10. Then add the 1+0=1 to get a single digit. The numerology for your home is 1.

If it also happens to be your stress number, then you may experience mental stress in the home. Any number other than 1, the stress at home shouldn’t be as prevalent.

Calculating Your Stress Number

This is a 4 step process that leads to a single digit. Say if your birthday is November 19th, 1966. Add all the series of numbers up until it becomes a single digit.

November is the 11th month, thus 1+1=2. The day 19 becomes 1+9=10, which becomes 1+0=1. The year 1966 becomes 1+9+6+6=22, or 2+2=4.

The 3 set single digits for your birthday becomes:

2 – your birth month
1 – the day you were born, and
4 – the year you were born

(NOTE: If the day, month, or year is a larger digit, such as February (2) and the 9th day, the single digit becomes 7, as the negative converts to positive 2-9= -7)

Step 1 – Subtract the month from the day, in this case (2-1=1), which becomes 1(A)
Step 2 – Subtract the day from the year ( 1-4 = -3 ) which becomes 3(B)
Step 3 – Subtract A from B, in this case (1-3= -2) which becomes 2(C)
Step 4 – Subtract the month from the year (2-4= -2) which becomes 2(D)

In this case, the Stress Numbers for the birth date November 19th, 1966 becomes: 1(A), 3(B), 2(C), 2(D).

The letter “C” is considered the major stress letter/number, while the others are minor stress letters/numbers.

For this particular birthday, November 19th, 1966, pay close attention to the number 2 as the stress number, as it’s associated with the letter C, which is the major stress letter.

Letters A, B and D, and its associated numbers are not as important.

The Meaning Of The Stress Numbers

Stress No.1
Lack of self respect, the need to develop stronger willpower, strengthen courage and character, often dominated or held down by others.

• Physical Ailments: Headaches, Heart and Upper Abdomen, Lungs, Sinuses, Weak Eyesight, Glaucoma, Over Exertion, Circulatory Problems, and Sun Stroke

Stress No. 2
Too sensitive, lack of confidence, tense and easily hurt, needs to learn how to forgive and forget.

• Physical Ailments: Diabetes, Urinary Tract Infection, Fevers, Throat Problems, Foot Problems, Poor Blood Circulation, Hair Loss, Liver Spots, Sleeplessness, Mental Issues, and Asthma

Stress No. 3
Poor communication skills, lack of imagination, lack of focus, poor communicator of feelings, indulges in gossip.

• Physical Ailments: Addictions, Insanity, Fear, Throat, Gas Pains, Paralysis, Blood Pressure High/Low, Chest and Lung Disorders, Migraines, Sudden Fever, and Shoulder Pain

Stress No. 4
Lacks attention to traditions, poor organizational skills, not practical. Needs to become more systematic, orderly and punctual. Can be lazy, stubborn, and procrastinate.

• Physical Ailments: Cataracts, Rickets, Hypoglycemia, Shoulder Issues, Jaundice, Teeth, Blood Problems, Poor Respiratory System, Cyst, Knees, and Gastric Pain

Stress No. 5
Poor understanding of freedom or responsibility, needs to avoid being impulsive, learn from the wisdom of others, become more justifiable.

• Physical Ailments: Abortions, Temper Tantrums, Accidents, Obesity, Brain Tumors, Ulcers, Drug Abuse, Nervousness, Kidney Problems, Neck Issues, and Stomach Disorders

Stress No. 6
Lack of understanding or responsibility in relationships, domineering and meddlesome. Avoid quarreling with others who disagrees with you, learn to respect the opinion of others.

• Physical Ailments: Drug Abuse, Tumors, Gum Problems, Sinus Issues, Hip Problems, Asthma, Hypertension, Heart Palpitations, Menstrual Issues, Neck Issues, and Stomach Ulcers

Stress No. 7
Lack of faith, don’t enjoy doing mundane activities, can be rebellious. Needs to test repression, and learn to deal with fear better.

• Physical Ailments: Addictions, Tumors, Alcoholism, Menstrual Problems, Allergies, Varicose Veins, Depression, Worry, Smoking, Skin Problems, Stroke, and Leg Issues

Stress No. 8
Has poor understanding of the purpose of money and power, avoids personal freedom and material possessions. Attracts fear and loss. Needs to learn that wealth can be limitless.

• Physical Ailments: Addiction, Varicose Veins, Alcoholism, Indigestion, Asthma, Numbness, Cancer, Stroke, Eye Problems, Loneliness, Herpes, and Fainting

Stress No. 9
Fails to understand humanity, love, compassion, and emotions. An old soul who carries the experiences from past lives. Learn to better use knowledge and talents, this through meditation to get past the obstacles of life.

• Physical Ailments: Back Problems, Lung Problems, Eye Issues, Pneumonia, Gout, Warts, Heart Failure, Jealousy, and Sinus Issues

Managing Your Stress Number

It’s thought that one can overcome the various issues which are associated with their particular stress number, once they are made aware of, and the lessons are learned.

If your stress number happens to be the same as your house number, then pay more attention towards the particular symptoms associated with that number.

If your name matches your stress number, then the chances of getting the ailments increases.

Your Name Numerology

A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6, G=7, H=8, I=9, J=1, K=2, L=3, M=4, N=5, O=6, P=7, Q=8, R=9, S=1, T=2, U=3, V=4, W=5, X=6, Y=7, Z=8.

Add your first and last name into a single digit. (Dave D=4, A=1, V=4, E=5 and add them together 4+1+4+5=14 then 1+4=5). Calculate your first and last name such as Dave Smith.

If your name numerology single digit is the same as your major stress number digit, what’s advised is changing your name by adding an initial for instance, resulting in a different number.

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