Answered “What Causes Me To Be Sick?” I Felt Better.. Well, Sort Of

So not too long ago I caught this miserable flu and went on this social orientated website called, and shared and found out why I got sick. Its Free to join.

There are 2, just two reasons why someone becomes sick
1. They, you “catch” something. Your body picks up some type of “germ” which is generally some type of bacteria or virus
2. The other is you somehow “develop” a disease or illness. Meaning there is a substantial imbalance in your body, something that is not working right, and then an illness or some type of disease develops. Some of the most common diseases include: cancer, heart disease, acid reflux, diabetes, arthritis, etc.

So to find out the ultimate cause of illness and thus finding the ultimate cure for these illnesses, you must ask the question “What causes me to be sick?”

So with that in mind, what happens when you “catch something”
The direct “cause” of catching some type of germ is pretty evident, you obviously caught it from someone else who had it. So the big pharmaceutical companies claim that various drugs has to be developed to kill the spread of the bacteria and viruses. However, it seems like a never ending battle as it is a well known fact that we are all exposed to a multitude of various bacterias and viruses on a daily basis.

If for example one person in your office or home has the flu, then every single person in close contact has been exposed to and should have “caught” the flu virus. Remember when “anthrax” was found in that envelope? Well, every person in the vicinity was exposed, but not every single person who was exposed, got anthrax! Why was that?


So the real question is not whether you will contract and pick up the latest bacteria or a virus, the question is, why do some people succumb and attract to the virus or bacteria and get sick, while other people do not?

Take two people. Expose both of them to the flu virus at the same time. Suddenly one person comes down with symptoms of the flu and becomes very sick, while the other person shows no symptoms whatsoever, stays healthy, and thus does not “get the flu.” Yet, both got the flu virus!

The first person succumbed to it and got sick; the other person remained healthy. Did you know throughout your life you will pick up thousands of viruses and bacteria. That is a natural fact. Our body is naturally designed to fight off and handle all the different bacterias and viruses thrown at us daily. But why then why do some get sick to the virus , while others don’t.

The Answer: If you got sick, your body is out of balance and thus your immune system is not very strong. If your body was in full natural balance as it was intended to be, a state known as “homeostasis”, and if your immune system was perfectly strong, you and your body would never show the symptoms of any of the bacteria or viruses that you pick up during your lifetime. You would and never should get sick because of a virus or bacteria.

So the real question is, “What’s causing my body to be out sync, out of balance, and what is causing my immune system to be so weak?”
Well, keep in mind that you get sick because of two reasons… you either “catch something” like a virus or some sickness develops in the body on its own. You “catch a virus or pick up bacteria” and become sick because your body is out of balance and your immune system is weak. You develop “something” ie: diabetes, in your body because is out of balance, or some type of “toxin” is getting into your body, thus causing the problem to develop.

So The Reasons You Get Sick Are:
1. You catch something (virus or bacteria) and your body is too weak and cannot fight it off, therefore your body succumbs to the “germs.”
2. Your body develops “something” in the genetically weak areas of your body.

So the reason for the 2 cases the causes are the same.
A. Your internal immune system is weak.
B. There are toxins that are attacking your body.

If if ask the question, “What caused that…”, then you can conclude that all illness comes from one of four reasons.
1. You have picked up too many toxins in your body
2. You have severe nutritional deficiencies
3. Your body is exposed and thus negatively affected by electromagnetic chaos
4. You have trapped emotional and mental stress in your body

These are the only four possible reasons why your immune system is weak or why the genetically weak areas in your body can break down under stress or attack, thus allowing chronic illness and disease to develop in your body.

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