Introducing The Apple MacBook Air – When Thin Is In – This Is Really Skinny

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At the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, Apple, the current fruit of choice, is expected to introduce an ultra, as in slim and skinny, laptop computer. This along with an announcement that iTunes will go into the rental of online movie as well as television shows.

So fast forward to the kickoff of the annual Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco, Chief Apple Steve Jobs, clad in cool black turtleneck attire, does his annual introduction to showcase the new products and services by Apple for the upcoming year.

Jobs introduced the new thin as in skinny laptop computer that he called the MacBook Air. Labeling it as the “the world’s thinnest notebook” and said that it can fit inside an envelope.

The new MacBook Air laptop is complete with features such as the multi-touch trackpad, allowing users to zoom in and out on digital photos by dragging your fingers away or towards each other. You can also rotate and manipulate a photo by twisting a finger around with your thumb.


As with the latest in high tech electronic gadgets, the uber thin notebook, as expected, comes with a bit of a not so thin price tag. Steve Jobs did concede that they are indeed… “Pricey, but they are fast.”

The basic MacBook Air is expected to sell for around $1,799 US and will begin shipping in a couple weeks.

When thin is in… How’s this for skinny?
The MacBook Air is almost thinner than the width of your finger, the actual thickness is approximately about an inch or so and it weighs in at and amazing three pounds. It has an 80GB hard drive as well as a full function keyboard and a touch trackpad similar to the ones found on the iPod.

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