It’s Date Night The Best iPhone Apps When Out On The Town

iphone-appsfor a nightoutonthetownOne of the best things that the mobile Web has created is fostering spontaneity. There is no longer a need to go buy the local paper and thumbing through and reading up on all of the recommended restaurants, read reviews on the latest movies, or even how to pick that perfect wine. After all, it is date night. So with the right apps on your iPhone, and a bit of Wi-Fi Web connection, you can look like a star when making your night into a success, and all this on the go!

So if you need to decide on the best wine to go with that Picante Seafood Pasta dish, or want to find the best Diner that’s closest to the concert hall. If you are in an unfamiliar part of the town or in a brand new city for that matter, you can still gracefully find that cool music spot or that hot club! Most of the apps listed will take advantage of the built-in iPhone’s GPS chip, which pinpoints exactly what’s happening close by, based on your location.

So going back to that successful date night, it may mean chowing down, catching the latest movie, so with these apps you can come out looking cool, distinguished and informed. The rest of how the evening goes is up to you.

The Best iPhone App For Previewing Menus Of Restaurants
MenuPages – Free App
Available for all iPhones as well as the iPod Touch
There are a lot of the restaurants who has their own websites now, but who wants to spend time digging around and flipping through for the best ones, especially if you’re out on the town.

Menu-Pages is an app that allows you to easily tap through your city for a specific type of restaurant or cuisine, and then will show you the menu as well as the prices of the food items. This particular app however just covers restaurants in the following areas: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, South Florida and Washington, D.C. for now.

Menu-Pages also features reviews as well as ratings, which makes it an excellent menu app. Expansion to other cites is only a matter of time.

So Look And You Will Find:
The MenuPages app finds as well as maps out restaurants based on your exact location. If you have a specific craving of a type of food, you can search for exact types, such as “lobster” which are located in particular neighborhoods.


MenuPages will also display the matches on a local map as well. By tapping through the list, you can see the addresses, view prices, and read reviews and ratings.

Once you’ve finished the first-level of search, say for the type of cuisine, then MenuPages allows you to refine the results. If you like Cajun food for example, you will be able to filter further down to restaurants which fall within the price range that you want. Once you’ve selected a restaurant, tap on the “Menu” to see what’s offered.

The Best iPhone App For Locating Local Restaurants
LocalEats – 0.99
Available for all iPhones as well as the iPod Touch
So you’re sick and tired of going to those “chain” type of restaurants? Then you can use LocalEats to locate unique one-of-a-kind specialty diners in a variety of cities in the United States as well as Canada.

You will be able to search by restaurant name, or the type of food offered, or diners that’s in a particular neighborhood. You can also check out the LocalEats’ Top 100 restaurants list of a certain city, or their “Best of” for specific meals such as “brunch,” or by categories such as best Steak Restaurant. You can also choose “Nearby” if you’re starving and need to eat right away. In most cases, you can also make reservations with just a few taps.

Going Local:
So whether you’re looking for a brand new exciting place to eat downtown, or you happen to be in an unfamiliar city, LocalEats will guide you to the best trendy new and unique neighborhood locales “Hot Spots” from its immense database of over 5,000 eateries. If you have an account on the app’s site, you will also be able to add your own review as well as posting photos.

Picking The Faves:
You can tap on a restaurants name to finding out which meals that it serves, such as brunch, lunch, or dinner, find out the price range, and the services it offers such as, does it have a bar or easy parking etc. You will also be able to get detailed directions directly to the eatery while seeing its exact location pinned on a map.

The Best iPhone Apps For Picking A Wine To Match That Meal
Pair It! – Free or $4.99 for the full version
Available for all iPhones as well as the iPod Touch
Okay, time to show off your immense diversity and knowledge without actually knowing. You don’t attend those boring wine conventions, don’t know or care that drinking red wine usually goes with red meat, you don’t bother to discover new and exciting inventive food-and-wine combinations.

Pair It! will instantly expand your horizons regardless of what meal you’ve decided to have for dinner. This app will suggest to you over 20,000 wine and meal pairings, as well as giving you details including the description as well as the flavor notes of over 180 popular wines. The app is free but has ads and is not as detailed as the paid version.

Shake It Baby Just Shake It:
So you can’t decide what you want to eat, let alone know what type of wine to pair it with! Then just tap on the Swirl button and then just shake your iPhone, allowing it to offer you suitable suggestions. You’ve never heard of a certain dish? Then tapping its name will give you more information. Also, Pair It! will give you the recipe for most of the dishes right on the app.

iPairings – Free | $0.99 for the full version
Available for all iPhones as well as the iPod Touch
Looking at the illustrated large color photos should get you thirsty to begin with. iPairings is an excellent app for you wine newbies who are still wondering what the difference is between a sauvignon blanc and baby duck.


You will be able to sort out wines into reds as well as whites, and then allow the app to pair the food as well as cheese dishes using both flavors. The free app offers you over 100 different wine and food pairings, while the full version offers over 1,400 different suggestions.

The Best iPhone App For The Nightlife
NileGuide What’s Next? – $2.99
Available for all iPhones as well as the iPod Touch
So it’s done, you found the perfect restaurant and had an exquisite dinner, so now it’s time to crawl out into the night life. NileGuide the app, covers most of the major cities worldwide. What’s Next! provides a well organized list of the entertainment options that you have if in a foreign city, as well as providing you with a handy button allowing you to add the ones that you want “to-do.”

In addition to the nightlife, NileGuide will also list local hotels, recommended restaurants, and tourist based activities to check out. The built-in filter will let you screen out things that you may not have any interest in, such as “sailing” for example.

Planning Your Events:
You can tap on the icon at the top of the “What’s Next’s” screen and see what the top recommendations are for hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and other popular activities. If you don’t like to scroll through endless lists, then you can just tap on the Map button to see the most popular nightspots which are local.

As with the majority of iPhone apps, you will be able to tap on the “Near Me” button to see a list of the night clubs, bars and the other popular hot spots that’s close to you.

Some of the larger cities on NileGuide has a lot of “Things To Do,” so you will really have to pace yourself. When finding places to check out, you can just tap on the Add to List button and send the items directly to the app’s Quick List, so you can go back to them again easily. If you happen to be new in town, then tap the Snapshot icon and find articles on the locations history, things of interest and seasonal weather patterns of the area.

The Best iPhone App For Finding The Perfect Movie
Flixter Movies – Free
Available for all iPhones as well as the iPod Touch
Although the Apple App Store offers dozens of movie based programs for you to find current movie releases and reviews, or buying tickets, but if you’re looking for the best, then check out Flixster Movies. It will offer local theater listings as well as their showtimes, movie trailers, unbiased reviews, and much more.

Movie fans who are planning to stay at home for the evening will also be able to manage their Netflix queues, as well as buying or renting movies directly from iTunes right off the app.

Movie Date Night:
Just tap on the Box Office button, and the Flixter Movie app will show what’s currently playing near where you are, or in any neighborhood you choose. Each of the listings will also provide information such as the MPAA rating, length of movie, user reviews, and the release date. Tap on a movie title and then view it’s preview trailer while adding your own rating as well.

All About The Scenes:
Going out to watch a movie may be just part of the evenings experience for you as well as for a lot of other people. Once you have picked a movie to watch, you can also use Flixter Movies’ detailed screen to be able to decide what you want to do or see while in the area before or even after the movie, this courtesy of’s local restaurant reviews as well as Bing’s local nightlife listings.

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