Joining Ashley Answers Why Women Are Attracted To Married Men For Discrete Affairs

Life is short. Have an affair

Ladies, this is why you should join Ashley Madison. It’s all about that hooked and booked… as in married man, it’s like forbidden temptation isn’t it? That’s why and what makes that man with that golden band on his finger irresistibly attractive to a woman. He stirs that challenge in her. She feels a strong sense of power in trying to attract a man who’s already spoken for. What makes him the ultimate catch for her is his experience, confidence, and authority. The biggest excitement stems from the very fact that he’s already taken, married, hooked up, and you want to do something about it.

Well, the golden rule is: you want something that you can’t or shouldn’t have. Soon, this married man will become an overwhelming obsession for you. Join Ashley Madison, as it is overrun by what is known as the ‘forbidden fruit obsession’.

According to Ashley, there’s two distinct reasons why women fall for married men. First, there’s that wild attraction. And secondly, ultimate vulnerability. For most women, a man that’s married represents a certain security she herself craves for. A woman feels married men, as compared to someone who is single, can and will meet her emotional as well as material needs a lot better, since he’s already proved it. Hooking up with a married man signifies a big triumph of one woman over another woman, his wife. He is a trophy catch. To have him cornered, is about doing and accomplishing the impossible.

If a woman is looking for a simple fling, she could have it, anytime, anywhere with anybody. But a married man at her fingertips makes her value herself more… simply because of the fact that he’s willing to throw his life and marriage away, because of her. Oh, what empowerment. It actually increases her self-esteem. Mind you, she’s is absolutely enjoying this fantasy, as much as he is wooing, using his experience and the way that he makes her feel extra special.

At times, she enjoys the fact that he doesn’t go all ‘weak in the knees’, in front of her. After all, he’s a symbol of authority. This relationship with him is about fun and adventure. But this is absolutely exciting dangerous fun. You do this knowing there’s the risk of ruining another person’s life.

Married men love to flirt and play games. They give out that certain vibe – ‘Sure, I’m married, but hey, what the heck, I’m game’. Married men, more so than bachelors, are always on the lookout for some extracurricular fun. These are men that are always on the prowl. For woman, it might be awfully difficult to resist those vibes of attraction coming from a married man. The fact he makes himself indispensable.


A married man will give you a great time. And there are also times when this forbidden taboo attraction transforms into actual love and romance, especially if his marriage isn’t a happy one, thus the straying in the first place. Not all married men can be considered jerks, some just leave their wives and then get married to women they actually love. But the fact is, men and women love playing these power games with each other. And it’s a potentially dangerous game, that can turn fatal. It will take you through all the highs and lows, like you have never experienced before. Humans are a fragile bunch, and everyone learns from trial and error. So it’s you who has to decide whether it is a good idea to have a relationship with a married man. Well, hell yes… life is short after all.

Go on, make yourself happy - have an affair!

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