Just Getting Off Your Butt And Starting Is The Biggest Battle… It’s That Simple’ology

The 80/20 rule is an universal principal that applies to almost anything. The 80/20 Rule is where 20 percent of the people will do 80 percent of the work. Where 80% of sales will come from 20% of the buyers, 20$ of the salesman will do 80% of the sales etc. So if there are a 100 people introduced to a successful profitable internet marketing campaign, using this rule, that means that 80 percent of the people will never even attempt to do anything at all with it, while the other 20 percent will apply it and make money.

The biggest barrier in getting started in affiliate marketing or any business or task in general, is getting past: GO… Getting Started. Doing Something. This does not apply to how smart you are, how old you are, how much education you have, where you live, how much money you have… It has all to do with having enough confidence in yourself to motivate yourself to get started.

But This Hurts So Much, I Am So Scared
So over time, it really does get easier as time passes. The more you attempt different concepts in affiliate marketing, the easier the processes will come to you. But it is quite common, when you first start attempting to make money online, you fall into the trap of: you are just too busy to try new things or you just don’t have enough money, or it is all a scam. This stems from: ‘paralysis from analysis’, fear of rejection, thinking you are wasting your time as it seems too good to be true. What do you mean I could Earn Hundreds Per Day Working Just 2 Hours A Day… something must be wrong. It just isn’t fair to everyone else.

When you choose to do affiliate marketing, apply yourself, take it as a serious genuine business venture and visualize that you will and can make money, then it will become easier to learn the different concepts.

So When Is The Best Time To Start Affiliate Marketing?
The time to start is now, today, this very minute. The usually response to those just starting out is that they plan on trying affiliate marketing shortly, like in a few months. First off, you don’t “try”, you “DO”, and if you plan to start in a few months, odds are that you will never start. This is because if someone is “REALLY” wanting to try something new, they will usually do something about it… right away. So don’t procrastinate, if it fails, then move on, don’t dwell on it and try something new or do it a better way. Things you ‘DO’ If you get sick, you go see a doctor, if your car breaks down, you take it to your mechanic to get it fixed.

But I Have So Many Excuses
Don’t fall into the “excuses” trap, you will automatically begin to think why an affiliate marketing process will fail and is a waste of time, rather than trying it out.


Some Of The Most Common Excuse Are:
* Money or The Lack Of It – If there is a will, there will always be a way. For Example…If you are planning to do PPC marketing, if you search hard enough on Google, you can find Voucher Coupons for Free, this way, you can experiment and learn using Adwords as you save money
* Time I Never Have The Time – Perhaps the biggest fallacy. Well, here is a secret… Time is infinite. Nobody really understands how busy you are or you cannot understand how busy you yourself really are. Well, News Flash: Anyone at any given time is busy. We are all busy. The truth however is, some people will watch TV 10 hours a week at night, or workout at the Gym 5 hours a week, yet they say they are way too busy to start affiliate marketing. Make it a priority, then you will make and find the time.
* Knowledge Or The Lack Of It – Read as much information as you can find. Some will be relevant, others will just be junk. Read blogs, read articles, join forums and read internet marketing sales pages. Join a few memberships, absorb as much information as you can. Eventually the creme will rise to the top. You will eventually discover what works, what is true and what isn’t
* Fear Of The Unknown, Fear Of Failure – No, Don’t you dare get scared! No one is going to laugh at you, Google is not going to stalk and kill you for making mistakes or for you trying to make money off them. If you fail, analyze what you did wrong and Start over, Try and try again.

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