Keith Baxter Internet Marketer Shows How To Make Money In Tough Economic Times – A 4 Part Video Series

If you’ve been around internet marketing for a while, then you may of heard of or know Keith Baxter. He is not high profile, he just works. He is highly successful getting over 3 million visitors per month on his various internet marketing businesses.

Baxter is one of the originals in the ‘Page Generation’ era where Traffic Equalizer dominated the SEO landscape. He came out with his own version which was called ‘Ranking Power’. It was a keyword based mass website creator based on RSS feeds and scraping the web based on targeted keywords. Those were the good ol days when you just slapped on your Adsense code on a website and web marketers garnered 5 figure paychecks within months. Those days are long gone.

As Keith Baxter is one of the original pioneers, when he talks, a lot of his followers listen. So whenever he has something to say, he is generous and precise in the concise straight to the point information that he provides.

He has recently produced a series of 4 videos on how anyone who puts in the effort can start or add to their internet marketing business in these hard economic times.

Day 1 – How to find products to promote


Day 2 – What to do once you’ve found a product to promote

Day 3 – Traffic

Day 4 – The BIG Secret

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