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So you’re most likely looking for that elusive secret formula to become wealthy? There is a common belief that it is as close as one little change that you can make in your life. That one thing that will make the difference from living that drab, downtrodden lifestyle you lead to living a life of pleasure and luxury and having enough money to buy any dream possession you want, regardless of its cost. Yes, it may indeed be just as easy as making that one little change in your life.

There has been a lot of books written, a lot of courses taught, a lot of seminars attended, that tells you how you can become wealthy. The most common being you must have an attitude of being wealthy. Well, take it straight from the horses mouth. Here are the Top 10 reasons from, on why and how they became independently wealthy.

The Top 10 Get Wealth Tips – By MillionaireMatch
1) Wealth isn’t as simple as the amount of money you have in your bank account; it’s more about your attitude towards success. A study conducted on the wealthiest people in the world found that the majority spend just a few minutes per day on matters pertaining to their bank account balance. They would rather be doing activities that gives them pleasure. The actual money and the possessions they keep are often just a footnote. Just a way to keep score.

2) Always keep a positive attitude regardless of the situation. As they say… “If you can conceive it, and believe it, then you can achieve it”

3) Try to think a little differently than others. Constantly challenge your self and your mind by looking at how things has been done in the past and then formulate a plan to do things your own way to get the same end result. Find a way to do it easier, faster or cheaper.

4) Decide what you don’t like doing in your life the least, and then just simply stop doing it. If you continue to do certain tasks in quiet aggravated desperation, no matter what the reason is, you will then never have the energy to do what you really want or like to do.


5) So the flip side is, do and find what you really like or love to do and find it a way to make it your living, and not just a job. Another saying that is absolutely true is: “If you can find a job that you enjoy doing, then you will never work another day in your life.”

6) Determine to find out who the real “YOU” is. That could be through a bit of soul searching, a bit of drinking good wine, and if all else fails: do personality tests, go to career counseling, or just simply start listing the things you like to do, and make a plan to do them. Some people unfortunately never take the time to discover who they really are.

7) Your ultimate “End Game” is and should be becoming an entrepreneur. The opportunities are boundless, particularly if you decide “online” is the way to go, as the internet is reaching infinite amounts of different people every day. Countless courses, books, and mentors are readily available to help you achieve and realize your dream of financial success. If you decide to invest in yourself, you are guaranteed to succeed, which also boosts your self-esteem and your financial situation as well.

8) Slow down, live and enjoy every minute of your life. Some have referred to it as “Living with passion”. No matter what your present surroundings or situation are, find a way to enjoy them. If you do what you really enjoy doing, then it will reflect peace in your life. If you only live for the money, then you will never find or have the time to enjoy it.

9) So just live in the present moment. Don’t fall into the trap thinking you have to work hard at a job you may not like for 40 years, thinking because then you can enjoy and do whatever you want to do after you retire. Do it now, enjoy your life today, nothing is guaranteed.

10) Help others in achieving what they want. Try and share your positive attitude and energy with those around you, even if you don’t have a nickel to share with them. Your happy positive attitude will attract like friends and that’s the true meaning of a successful life.

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