Listen To Tracks From The Police’s New 2 Cd Hits Collection

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The Police was one of the very first bands in the late 1970’s that brought energy and mainstream musical sophistication to the New Wave and Punk movement. The Police as a result became one of the very first worldwide post-punk success stories. Releasing smash hits like: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, Message in a Bottle, Roxanne and Every Breath You Take, were all global chart toppers. One of their final albums, “Synchronicity”, topped the North American charts for over 15 weeks. The Police are lead by: singer Sting (vocals and bass; born on October 2/51) Stewart Copeland (drummer; born July 16/52), and Andy Summers (playing guitar; born December 31/42).

The Police recently released an anniversary 2 Cd set of their greatest hits spanning the 30 years of their great existence. The 28 song Police Cd compilation brings back their biggest hits from the band’s original studio albums… including their very first single in 1977, ‘Fall Out’.

The Police chronicles their start from sweaty bar clubs in the UK to sold out stadiums worldwide – establishing their unique punk band, metal jazz sound as one of the most popular rock bands in the world. The trio are the undeniable, undisputed icons of the “New Wave Music” genre.

The year 1979 was the release of ‘Reggatta de Blanc’ which quickly hit #1 in England on the strength of the single – Message In A Bottle. The following year was The Police’s breakthrough album in North America, ‘Zenyatta Mondatta’ released in 1980. This album had several Top 10 singles including: Don’t Stand So Close To Me and De Do Do Do. The 1981 triple platinum album, Ghost In The Machine with chart topping hit singles: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic and Spirits In The Material World, established them to superstar status. One of their final studio albums, Synchronicity, turned eight times platinum, making it the number 1 album worldwide. The single, Every Breath You Take reached Gold status, while winning the Best Pop Performance by a Group with Vocals at the Grammy Awards in 1984. Synchronicity had a handful of hit singles and by far was their most successful release.

Forward to 2007, 30 years after this remarkable group’s very first recording. They release a “Greatest Hits” Police Cd compilation, putting a stamp on their outstanding musical career. Here is a list of songs on the 2 Cd collection.


Disc One
1 Fall Out
2 Can’t Stand Losing You
3 Next To You
4 Roxanne
5 Truth Hits Everybody
6 Hole In My Life
7 So Lonely
8 Message In a Bottle
9 Reggatta De Blanc
10 Bring On The Night
11 Walking On The Moon
12 Don’t Stand So Close To Me
13 Driven To Tears
14 Canary In A Coalmine

Disc Two
1 De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
2 Voices Inside My Head
3 Invisible Sun
4 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
5 Spirits In The Material World
6 Demolition Man
7 Every Breath You Take
8 Synchronicity I
9 Wrapped Around Your Finger
10 Walking In Your Footsteps
11 Synchronicity II
12 King Of Pain
13 Murder By Numbers
14 Tea In The Sahara

This 2 disc compilation Police Cd which was released on June 5th, 2007, includes a vintage poster of the rock trio. If you are a fan of great music, this Police Cd is a must for your Cd collection.

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