Looking For Americas Best Colleges? Know The 3 Main Types Of College Scholarship Grants

For 2009 – Here Is The List Of Americas Best Colleges As Posted By USNews

Harvard and Princeton Top the U.S. News College Rankings

If you are hoping to attend one of these top flight colleges, and you are in need of some financial assistance in order for you to continue your studies, there are fortunately college scholarship grants that are available to those who are in need of funding, or for those with special talents in a certain field of study.

There are 3 common, yet distinct types of scholarships grants that are awarded to college students, or those soon-to-be college students. They are: athletic scholarship grants, academic scholarship grants, and departmental awards. Each of these scholarships has their own criteria to be considered, before the grant being awarded. Each grant also has a particular group of students they target.

Academic Scholarship Grants
Academic scholarship grants are awarded to those students who achieve a qualified GPA, or for those who have achieved an exceptional academic performance, prior to entering college. These grant are also awarded to those high achieving students who have received honors. The grants are often awarded automatically when entering a college or university, but most post-secondary schools require you to formally apply for the academic scholarship grant.

Basically, the primary focus for giving out academic scholarships are for academic excellence; however, some colleges will base the grant on either merit or need of the funding, or both.


When receiving an academic scholarship grant, the student is then required to maintain a pre-set ceiling grade. If that grade is not achieved at the end of the term, the college may put the student on probation until the grades are met to the required level. If the grades are not achieved however, the academic scholarship grant may be terminated.

Athletic Scholarship Grants
If you are an athlete, and excel on a competitive edge, you may be eligible to get an athletic scholarship grant. These types of grants however are highly sought after, as there are many althletic students who apply for this particular type of grant.

An athlete in a particular sport or discipline applies for these grants wanting to go through college on a ‘free’, paid athletic scholarship. Some of these gifted athletes will go through and finish their college studies and become a professional athlete. With good marketing and exceptional athletic skills in their particular sport, you will be able to apply and receive a grant, with this type of scholarship.

Departmental Awards
Departmental scholarship grants gives the student the option of staying, or taking up their studies in a particular department. Usually, these grants are offered to exceptional academic students with a desire to consider other fields of study. The departmental scholarship awards are granted to not keep the students in that department. The grants are also given out to attract students to take courses in a particular department.

You can inquire about departmental scholarships directly with the paarticular department of the school.

There are other scholarship grants available for colleges that are available for students, but basically, these 3 are usually the most common and popular ones given by the colleges themselves.

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