Market Your Blog Product Or Service Using Social Media Giant Facebook

Facebook is a private gated community social media membership site that has well over 30 million members. This Free to join site has millions of new members that are joining every month. Many has stated that Facebook is Myspace for grownups.

If you are planning on using Facebook for marketing purposes, you can review profiles about each individual member with their distinct likes and dislikes giving you a focused target market as to whether they would be interested in your particular product or service.

The Facebook profile that you setup for yourself, if properly edited, can bring you traffic directly to your website or blog via the rss feed. You are in control of who contacts you based on the information your provide. Facebook is a gold mine if utilized properly and is not going away anytime soon. How popular is it? Alexa has the site listed at 11, just a few clicks past Google.

Marketing on Facebook is the new playground…. view the introduction video…

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