Medical Transcription Services The Next Step For Medical Practices

Medical transcription services who are and should be compliant with the HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) can provide a key affordable service to: doctors, dentists, hospitals, medical clinics and the health care industry. They have proven to be an excellent cost effective solution for the entire medical field in providing accurate professional digital record keeping. Medical transcription services specialists in: pediatrics, cardiology, radiology, orthopedics, gastrointestinal, and any other specialized field by providing accurate high quality documents.

The U.S. Department of Health, who implemented HIPAA, was enacted by the US Congress in 1996. HIPAA protects the privacy of confidential medical records and prohibits using a patient’s medical information other than for medical purposes. The federal government has also urged the entire health care industry to eventually transfer all patient files into a digital format by 2014. So any medical practice hiring a medical transcription service to digitally record their patients information is the next step.

HIPPA compliant medical transcription services guarantee total confidentiality of the patients data, which ensures further privacy by providing fully secure FTP as well as browser based file transferring. Also, when they simultaneously transfer of all files into digital technology, the savings is estimated to be in the billions of dollars annually.

Getting A Medical Transcription Services Overview
It takes a highly trained and skilled professional to become a medical transcription professional, which primarily involves transferring voice-recorded files into digital medical data files. The medical transcription service must also have knowledge in medical terminology and practices. Transcription professionals are also trained to decipher and understand voice recorded medical information. An example can be deciphering a doctors usually messy prescription scrawls. In order to maintain a high degree of accuracy, medical transcription services also use editors, proofreaders and quality analysts to approve or edit data on at least three quality assurance levels.

A quality medical transcription service should show at least a 99% accuracy as well as a short turnaround time. When searching for a transcription company, use this high criterion in making a decision. Another factor is how a medical transcription service can provide short term as well as long term services to fit your medical practice’s specific needs.

The clients have a choice of submitting their dictations either from digital recorders, computer based dictation, toll free numbers or through VoIP. Web based medical transcription services will allow the client online reviews and editing.


Most medical transcription services today will provide medical coding as well as patient bill processing as a bundled service. This ensures for a fast, flexible, and economical transcription service for the health and medical care industry, giving doctors, physicians and their staff a chance to focus completely on their jobs.

The function of professional medical transcription service is to allow physicians to just perform while they do their jobs. It’s a natural symbiotic exchange, as well as making a smooth transition in complying with HIPAA digital requirements.

It is however important to find the proper medical transcription company that will provide all the services to fit a medical practice’s every need, while ensuring high quality secure transfer methods.

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