Mitsubishi Introduces The Lancer Evolution With 291 HP – Like What ?

Mitsubishi is one of the fastest rising auto manufactures from Japan, who has been recently shooting up the sales charts with their automobiles in North America. This is due primarily for their quality, reliability, affordability and a certain eye appeal for their cars.

For 2009, Mitsubishi for their entry level model car has just introduced the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. They are showing off the new body skin on the car which was actually introduced in 2007. It has a well defined and a certain stylish sleek look to it, some may even say a bit intimidating. It is one of the best sellers in its class for its bang for the buck. The astonishing part is that Mitsubishi is fitting this particular Lancer with an engine that kicks out 291hp? Like what? 291 frigging horse power for a car the size of a Honda Civic? Are you kidding me… Most cars this size are equipped with a 150hp engine.

They are obviously after a certain segment of the market by dropping an engine that powerful into a sub compact car. The size and output seems almost ridiculous and irresponsible on their behalf. The power that it packs is way over what it needs, as it is designed and intended as an introductory, entry level starter car. They obviously went a little mental with what they put under the hood…

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