How To Get Up To 200 Business Opportunity Seeker Leads Everyday

Today, I’m going to give you an opportunity to start making some real money online. I know you’ve probably heard that a million times before, but hear me out because I will be providing a mountain of verifiable proof.

Literally everything you need is within this report.

There is not one step left out.

I’m writing this because I still have friends and family members who’ve always been mystified, at my ability to generate a full-time income 100% online.

They want to do it too, but when I talk to them about it, their eyes glaze over.

For most, the concept of making a full-time income online is either a “scam,” a pipe-dream or just completely out of reach for them.

There are so many different aspects one must know and fully understand to make money online, that it just isn’t feasible for them to learn it all.

That’s why I’m going to give you the EASIEST way to actually make money online that you have ever seen.

And I’m going to back it up with solid proof.

Will this make you “get rich quick?”


If that is your mindset, then you will not be successful online, period.

If you’re one of those who think you should be able to make money online without any upfront investment, then you are sorely mistaken.

This Is A “Job” Working From Home

There is nowhere in the world, either online or offline, where you can “magically” start making an income without spending any money.

Okay, maybe one.

A job. Is that what you want though?

I’ve got the next best thing for you.

It’s “like” a job, in that it’s something that you will be doing every day.

That is your responsibility.

If you don’t work, you don’t get paid (at first).

But with this kind of “job” there is a vast difference…

Every day you work this job, you are building a “recurring” income stream.

That means the work you put in will reward you again and again, every single month.

And perhaps the best part, you’ll only spend 1-2 hours per day MAX actually working.

Get Ready To Do This Job

And the work?

It is literally copy and paste…

You’ve probably heard of “copy, paste and profit” type opportunities before, but they seldom if ever actually “work.”

And the biggest reason why is because there’s too much competition!

Too many people copy and pasting the exact same things to the exact same audience.

It only works for a little while, and then just like with everything else – the effectiveness fades into obscurity.

But this is different.

Because you’re not copy & pasting to the same audience.

You’re getting a new fresh batch of eyeballs every single day, who have never seen those “copy and paste” messages before.

To them, it’s brand new.

But who are these eyeballs and where do they come from?

This is where it starts getting interesting.

A New Audience Everyday

Imagine the millions upon millions of people online who wants to work from home, replace their current 9-5 job, create a wealthy lifestyle, or just a comfortable side-income online.

These people search for legitimate opportunities online.

And generally, they end up at sites that ask them to fill out a webform to receive more information and offers for making money online.

We’re not talking about the “Enter your email address and click the button” type forms, either.

These people are serious.

They need help.

And they need it now.

So they’re okay with receiving offers, because they are genuinely looking for the right “thing” to help them earn more.

These are real people who fills out their full name, email address, city, state and zip code.

They then have to go to their email, and confirm they really do want the information!

This is a HOT prospect.

They’re willing and ready to invest in themselves in order to improve their financial situation.

So… they WANT to receive offers!

The Definition Of Work From Home Income Seekers

And this is what changes the whole game…

When you send an email to someone who doesn’t want offers, they get mad.

And they cry “SPAM!”

You doing so is also illegal and can get you into trouble.

Not to mention, that approach is a complete waste of your time, and money.

There is a better way…

It’s called “permission based email marketing.”

They’re asking for offers.

They’re ready to buy into something that might work for them.

But where can you find these people?

Where Are Those Seeking Business Opportunities

See, this is where most people give up before they really get started.

They don’t know how or where to find THESE types of prospects, and it all seems like too much work… so they immediately think “Okay, maybe this make money online stuff isn’t for me.”

And they quit.

So, in order to effectively work around that problem, we need a solution for lead generation.

One that literally does not need ANY technical knowledge or “brain power” to figure out.

Because if you didn’t have to go find these prospects, that makes life a lot easier.

It would have to be something that basically…

GIVES you these prospects on a silver platter.

All this without you needing to know anything about how or where to generate these leads.

When you have a constant flow of hot prospects, turning them into money becomes real.

It’s no longer a hopeless pipe-dream.

This is exactly how “every” successful business operates – they have a constant and consistent lead flow.

Without it, the business dies.

How To Find These Legitimate Leads

So if you are serious about making ANY amount of income online, this is an absolute must.

This has also been the hardest part to do… to generate consistent, quality leads.

You can spend a literal fortune buying advertising from places like Facebook, YouTube, Adwords, etc… and that’s all for the purpose of getting legitimate targeted buyer “Traffic.”

To generate leads!

Get A Steady Flow Of Leads

But what if you didn’t need to focus on getting this targeted traffic?

What if you were just handed these leads instead…

And then given a brand NEW batch of them, every single day?

What that does is takes care of the traffic problem, and the lead generation.

All that you then need is an offer to send these hot prospects to.

And that presents yet another set of technical issues.

• Do I need a website?
• Do I need a lead capture page?
• or do I need a sales page to get them to buy the offer?

Nope, you don’t need none of that to start.

We’ve taken care of all that for you as well.

You literally don’t need anything else, because it’s all here.

Lead Generation 101

I sincerely want this to be the easiest thing you’ve ever done to make money online.

I want to prove to you that you CAN start making money, and pretty quickly too.

Again, this is not going to make you rich overnight.

Business does NOT work that way, online or offline.

So if you’re still thinking that way, you’re better off working a job or robbing a bank.

It’s time to get real, and do what really works.

And I’m going to help you every step of the way.

Ready to get started?

Here’s what to do next: (you must follow these instructions exactly for this to work)

5 Step Plan – Take Action Get Ready To Work

STEP 1Go To This Website and discover how everyday people are getting 100-200 leads every single day without a website, without paid traffic and without creating content.

Click the yellow “Get Access Now!” button and enter your email address where it says, “Enter your best email here…” then click the “Get Started Now!” button.

On the next page, you will be presented with a 13 minute video from Reed Floren who will fully explain how we’re getting the leads and turning them into real money.

STEP 2 – Watch the video closely and you will see exactly how and why this is working so well for so many.

STEP 3 – Now, go read an entire review and case study of someone who put it to the test and generated $15,000 (and counting) just by using it.

STEP 4 – Next, go watch this video of someone who thought this was a scam but tried it out anyway, and ended up making $300 in his first 9 days using it.

(Also grab his extra free bonuses!)

STEP 5 – Finally, go watch this case study video of someone who’s been using the system for 60 days and has generated more than $9,530 with it.

Your Success At Lead Gen Secret

Do not skip a single step above.

The reason why will become crystal clear in just a moment…

If you have followed steps 1-5 you will have learned the big secret.

You’ll know exactly how to get these buyer leads every day, and turn them into money.

But that isn’t the best part.

Let me explain…

When you signed up to Reed Floren’s free training, you entered your email address.

Now every email Reed sends you is hardcoded with the referral ID of the person who sent you there.

Even though he is sending the emails.

YOU are the one who gets paid when someone joins!

But it doesn’t stop there… because Reed also uses what’s called “retargeting” which means that he’s also running ads on places like Facebook, YouTube, Adwords, etc…

They are also all hardcoded to the same referral ID of the person who originally sent them, which is you!

If you decided to join the system after reading the full review and case study, guess what.

The person who referred you gets the sale.

If you go watch the YouTube video and snag the bonuses from there, the person who referred you still gets the sale.

And yes, if you join after watching the $9,530 case study video… they still get the sale.

Now what does that mean exactly?

It means that all YOU need is a referral ID and you can be the one getting paid!

You then send an email to the leads we’re GIVING you every day, and everyone who decides to join through ANY of those websites.

This includes ANY of Reed’s daily emails he sends to his subscribers, or ANY of the retargeting ads all over the web, and YOU get paid!

So now you’ve got…

• A fresh, daily source of hot “ready to buy” prospects
• A truly amazing offer and working solution to their problem
• A way to mail the offer to them on a daily basis (without any spam complaints)
• Multiple websites you can use to sell the offer
• FREE lifetime advertising on the major ad networks
• Daily emails going out to your leads that are sent for you!

But wait, it still gets even better…

If you watched Reed’s free training you also learned that there are some exclusive bonuses you can offer your daily prospects that will absolutely blow them away with real value…

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s what we’re offering – not just for you – but for ALL of your prospects who join under your referral ID.

This makes it easier than ever for THEM to make sales!

Bonus #1: 50 Email Swipes ($197 value) – If you’re sending emails to make money, you need the right emails to send them.

So, we’re including an entire swipe file of proven emails that keep your prospects opening your emails, clicking on your links and buying your offers!

Bonus #2: Exclusive Facebook Group ($997 value) – If you think you’re going to have to go at this alone, think again.

Because we now have over 2000 members in our community who are quick to answer questions, give support, provide helpful tips and want to see each and every member of this group succeed!

You aren’t just joining a system – you’re joining a family of smart entrepreneurs who ALL want to help you achieve success.

Bonus #3: Weekly Lead Swaps ($9,997 value) – Each week members of our Facebook group are invited to participate in our weekly lead swap.

They send in the leads they’ve been given for the week, and then those leads are combined, cleaned and then delivered to everyone who participated.

We’ve had members go from being brand new to internet marketing, to having a list of over 100K in under a week this way!

It’s Time To Get Started Now!

Seriously, if you’ve been looking for a legitimate way to make money online, this is it.

• You’ve got the leads…
• You’ve got the offers…
• You’ve got the websites…
• You’ve got the traffic/ads…

And it’s literally ALL DONE FOR YOU!

All you do is copy & paste the swipes we give you into the mailing system that is provided for you, and do it once every 24 hours.

That is IT.

No, really it’s that easy.

That’s all we’re doing!

Everything else has already been handled.

Every problem has been solved.

There is zero technical knowledge needed.

Nothing fancy.

No design skills are necessary.

No writing.

In fact, the hardest part about this system is that people tend to overthink it too much.

Especially entrepreneurs who have been doing email marketing for awhile.

Because outside of this system, email marketing is HARD.

And it’s only getting harder to get your email mailings delivered!

Plus you have to buy an autoresponder system or emailing platform.

Then worry about deliverability issues, spam complaints, blacklists that can ensure your emails never see the light of day, and so much more.

It’s a headache!

But with this system, ALL of that is taken care of for you.

You get an email everyday, and a new batch of 100 or 200 leads.

You copy & paste the email you’re given, using an internal mailing system that is provided for you, and you include a website link with your referral ID attached.

The prospects open and reads your email, and some of them buy the offer. When they do, you get paid.

If they choose to bring in new people using the exact same methods that caused you to join, guess what.

You still get paid.

And these payments are recurring every single month!

You CAN promote anything you want to these prospects, using the internal mailer and any email you want.

Or, you can promote the exact same system that you’re learning about now.

It’s completely your choice.

A Complete Done For You Turnkey System

We’ve taken care of literally everything you need all in one place.

And made it “stupid simple” to do every single day.

So there’s only one thing left to do…

Get your referral ID and your first batch of business buyer leads right now.

Then start using the pre-written email swipes we send you and mail your list every day!

You can use ANY of the “done for you” websites below to start making sales…

GET Reed Floren’s Free Training – CLICK Here




All you do is replace the ?rid=12452 in the links above with your referral ID (i.e. ?rid=77777) and then start sending traffic to those links by sending emails to the prospects you’re getting daily!

It literally couldn’t get any easier.

And don’t forget, you’re also getting access to our “exclusive” group of more than 2000+ paying members who are all dedicated to each others’ success.

So any questions you have will be answered and any help you need will be provided on the spot.

It’s a win/win for everyone.

It’s Time To Take Action Now

Where else can you get 100-200 real verified business buyer leads, for just $1 a day?

This is also what you get…

• An entire community of people who wants to help you succeed!
• All the marketing and paid advertising is done for you on YOUR behalf!
• All the copywriting… ads, emails… already written for you!
• Weekly lead swaps that can bring you 100K+ buyer leads or more every WEEK?

There is nothing like this on the entire internet.

Many have tried, and have failed miserably.

This system is here to stay.

And it’s only getting bigger and better!

This is your “best” chance to start making a recurring income stream online today.

Total newbies to seasoned marketing experts are seeing success with this system.

Here’s your chance to join them…

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