My Life After Reading “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles

You see, for those who’s been online for a while, you have run across multitudes of people who all seem to be taking the same path, which is… divulging in the same recipe of hope, reading the same bullcrap “How To” directions on the flip side of the box, buying the next best great thing to revolutionize the internet marketing world, but seemingly only a handful, the selected few “Lucky Ones”, who sneak through the cracks and become successful. They are the ones who get all the breaks, while others, the majority, swimmingly go around and around in circles… Now why is that?

So if you are in the business, or attempting to running your own online business, you need the proper knowledge, the basic skills and attitude to operate it successfully. It is not an instant overnight success type of thing.

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What Are The Basic Skills That Are Required?
If you could nail down the basics, such as registering a domain name, getting website hosting, setting up a website, setting up an autoresponder, generating traffic to your sites via marketing etc. These are the general skills that need to be learned. So if you want to succeed, there are really no excuses not to learn these basics skills, but don’t expect money to fall onto your lap.

You can easily find this information to learn the “basics” online, mostly for free, or if you want, you can always outsource these steps. There is an abundance of free material, information and videos to help you get this done.

So once these steps are taken, you are then basically on your own, its up to you to take the responsibility to guide your own success. If you are able do that, to take control of your own destiny, then you truly grant yourself with empowerment. The freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want.


So Whats Holding You Back? The Single Worst Killer To Your Success… is – TRY.
Whenever someone says, OK, I will give it a TRY…, That states you are not committed or convicted that you are really seriously convinced that you can succeed, or really want to succeed.

So The Question Is: Are You Certain That You Really Want It Bad Enough?
After all… Doers, Do, Those who can’t do, teach, Those who can’t teach, write, those who can’t write,… they take pictures. Where do you fit on the food chain?
So if want to get it done, never ever give it a ‘try’ – JUST DO IT.

It often takes a lot of years of effort and try, just for you to have that initial success. If you do it, you are then able to grasp the process by its throat and get it done, on your own, without any help.

There is one main primary difference and reason why most people may never succeed online. That is they will spent way too much of their time looking for that elusive potion, that magic formula, the “Secret”… instead of taking the baby steps required to get started.

Well, the secret is that there are NO “Secrets”.
Gaining success and thus earning money comes from:
1. Having a successful, proven online system and mentor
2. Having an in demand niche product or service to market
3. Taking ACTION, taking the required steps to get it done
4. Investing the time required, the money needed and the energy to get your business off the ground

So if you think there is a secret, these are the so-called secrets and focusing on and doing these will make you successful.

This world has produced countless individuals who seems to be on the same path as you, but has granted them with success, while others who think they deserve it just as much, has nothing. There are those who are university educated with diplomas coming out of their ying yang, or those who are born with a “Silver Spoon” in their mouth that are completely broke, derelict, wandering and living off the streets, while at the same time, there high school dropouts in the same neighborhood that are multimillionaires living off a yacht. So why does that happen? Did your god NOT pick you? Did luck not pick you? Well it has nothing to do with others, its all up to you.

You are not a victim of fate. You are not picked out of a crowd to be deemed as a failure. It’s all about planting a seed of hope. About wishing that you want to be somewhere or accomplish something down the road and setting out a viable plan to do it. Its all about setting up a workable plan and then taking ACTion.

The Science of Getting Rich


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