My Success Story With eHarmony – How I Found A Date Through This Online Dating Site

Guest Author: Lara – How I Found A Date On eHarmony

Well here is my story and experience with eHarmony. Certain online dating sites at times may have received a bit of bad publicity but if you look at the origin of most of the complaints, most are because the person did not find a partner using this system or any other online dating program for that matter, and thus blames the site overall and not themselves. I joined eharmony around mid-March of this year and actually have met someone I’ve been dating, this began around the beginning of June.

When I first signed up with eHarmony, they sent me a lot of potential matches for profile stalking LOL. Then starting mid April, the pickings and compatibility matches they were sending me suddenly became very slim. I was personally getting a ton of rejections (sob) and not hardly getting any new matches at all coming in. I then started to feel like an absolute loser and troll. If I would have wrote this review of eHarmony at that time, I would have agreed with most that eharmony does indeed suck. But then, not wanting to give up my invested time and money, I decided to take affirmative action. Since the guys on my contact list did not seem to be taking any initiative at all in contacting me, I began to get assertive and started communicating with these guys by sending out initial questionnaires to about 20 guys who looked interesting, anyone that seemed remotely normal and nice. I just figured, hey, if they weren’t exactly the type I was looking for, then at least they’d give me dating practice.

So I then ended up going out with 3 guys over a 2 month span. Oh yes, and there were some “Diamonds In The Rough,” let me assure you…

Anyways, a bit of rant time. So whats with it that some guys set up a date with you at say Tuesday for a date on Saturday at 6PM for example, then they do not call you until 2 hours before the actual date, and then ask you “So what are you up to?”. Then the person (female) receiving the phone call says, “I thought we were going for a nice dinner and a movie?”, The guy then says, “Oh, well I didn’t have any other plans anyway.” Yeah, that’s the way to do it, making a lady feel real special, guys. cMon. So, this is for some of you guys out there, even though you don’t drink excessively, or smoke, beat women up, have a decent job, that does not necessarily mean you’re still not a complete rude weirdo. Please, before you do anything, take a very hard look at yourself before complaining that all women don’t like you! End of Rant.


Anyways, I’ve been seeing this guy that I met on eharmony for about 3 months now. I don’t really think either of us saw midnight “fireworks” on that first date. But we just respected each another, saw that we had lots of things in common, were attracted to each other, and have grown to like each others company more and more.

So Good luck to all of you and I do feel for some of who feel that you are not getting your moneys worth from eharmony. My subscription is up soon, so I hope that they don’t recharge me automatically. If they decide to do so, then I will be back here bitching about it!

So the moral of the story? Everyone, take a deep long look in the mirror before you complain about eHarmony or any other dating site. They are just online “meet markets” and most often are not the blame for you not getting a date via the website. Most often it is you… Discover all the compatible singles who match you

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