MyGreatDentalPlans – What is Dental Health Insurance And Can I Afford Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance is in a different category from other health insurance related plans, as dental health insurance covers the various costs related to specific emergency and cosmetic dental specific needs only. Dental health insurance usually covers partial or full dental bills from regular teeth maintenance, to dental repairs, to cosmetic surgery from: hospitals, dentists and other services related with your teeth maintenance care.

There is however a large group of individuals who do not opt for dental health insurance plans as they feel they do not need it. The majority of Dental insurance plans are through their employers as a part of their health insurance plan.

Dental Health Insurance Plans Not An Insurable Risk?

It is often thought that dental insurance is not an insurable risk, though others may think different. The main reason dental insurance is not favored by insurance companies is because they feel dental care is not a life threatening disease or situation. There are usually really no risks to the persons life due to the dental problems they face.

Can I Afford Personal Dental Insurance?
There are many that forgo primary dental insurance coverage because they feel the cost is too high for the amount of times they require a dentist throughout the coverage period. This is especially true for someone who takes good care of their teeth, dental health insurance can seem like a useless expense.

Nothing however could be further from the truth. Dental insurance can help in paying for expensive dental procedures which costs Americans millions of dollars every year. Although you may not need the service right away, knowing that it’s there when you need it, or in a case of emergency can be very comforting.

How Can I Get Insurance Without My Employer’s Health Plan?
Dental insurance can at times be rather expensive on its own. If you happen to be self-employed, the costs of having personal dental insurance may be too high for you to ever having a dental insurance plan.

Personal dental insurance is a lot more expensive than say a group plan offered through your employer. This is because the cost of insurance premium offered through your employer is usually subsidized by them. The cost is shared between the company and its employees as a benefit, the employees thus enjoying lower premiums.


Self-employed individuals however do not have this option, and in the past has been forced to go without dental insurance or pay through their teeth (pun.. sorry), paying high premiums for personal dental insurance. The (ADA), American Dental Association states that over 50% of the American population has no dental insurance coverage at all.

Affordable Personal Dental Insurance Is Available

The health insurance industry has recognized the demand for affordable personal dental health insurance, and there are now a lot of options available to you.

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