Need A Few Extra Dollars? Do Online Surveys: Some Examples Of The Good, Some Bad And Some Really Really Bad Ones

There was a recent survey of survey companies, and there were approximately 550+ different Online Survey Companies out there who advertise for your services, all this just to get your opinion. It’s easy to participate in these surveys, and the legit ones really do pay you real cash, resulting in hundreds of dollars of extra cash per month. But just like anything else in life, there are the good ones, ones not that good, and the really, really bad ones.

A good survey company usually just pays you a small fee for your time to fill out usually a questionnaire, they don’t resell your personal information to say telemarketers, they don’t send you hundreds of spam e-mails, and will tell you exactly how much each survey will pay you. The good survey companies are excellent for you to make a few extra dollars while your at home. The good ones are usually managed by large marketing research companies and will usually confirm your acceptance via email. Their website will also provide extensive information regarding the company and it’s earning incentives.

The bad news however about these “good” companies is that the online surveys are usually far and few between, and only available by an email invitation. It also may take awhile to get a check in the mail for your services. If you have ever participated in any type of a survey at the local mall or through a local research firm, you know that you’ll be lucky to make $500 a year doing this.

What these “good” companies won’t do is they won’t sell your information to other companies, or charge your phone bill for something that you didn’t buy or try to “trick” you into buying something.

The not so above board are the ones to beware. These survey companies usually offer cash, actually pay in cash, while filling your email with complete spam that you would end up spending 15 minutes a day just deleting them. These so called “bad” survey companies are legitimate as they actually do pay cash as promised, but also try to get you to visit websites of their marketing partners, where you will be asked to sign up for say… affordable health insurance. If you show any interest, then expect at least three telemarketing calls a week from these companies as they obviously sold your personal information to them.

So going back to the reputable survey sites on the internet, once you learn the ropes, you can actually earn a few bucks. is one of these legitimate sites.


BEWARE: The Really Really Bad Companies
The really bad sites are just downright scams. They won’t offer to pay you any money, instead, they will just offer you an opportunity to win a prize, or “thousands” of dollars in their daily sweepstakes. They will usually make ridiculous claims about you making “thousands of dollars per week” on their site. They will then attempt to get as much personal information from you as possible, and then promptly sell your information to third parties. They will do this by trying to trick you into accepting “free” magazines subscriptions and will just charge your telephone bill for the subscription. Or they will ask for your cellphone number, and charge you for ringtones that you never got. They have all the ‘scam’ methods cornered and will do anything to suck money out of you, and you will never receive anything in return.

Fortunately these really, really bad sites are easy to spot. Unfortunately, its usually the elderly, or the young, or the greedy desperate’s who are their favorite targets. Also beware of online survey companies or sites that charge you a “fee” to join, or has a bunch of phony looking “testimonials” from people claiming they have made $5,000 a month on their site. If it was really that easy, wouldn’t everybody sit on their bum at home and do surveys.

So look out for and enjoy the good, be careful and stay away from the bad and stay far away from the really, really ‘Bad’.

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