Networking Yourself on MySpace

MySpace is one of if not the largest online community where members can meet to share photos, journals and interests with an extensive network of online friends. The MySpace mission statement describes the MySpace network as being for everyone:

* Friends talking to like minded friends who want to talk Online
* Single people who want to meet other Singles for friendship or?
* Matchmakers who are interested in connecting their friends with other friends
* Families who want to keep in touch with other family members — map your Family Tree
* Business people and co-workers interested in networking with each other
* Classmates and study partners
* Anyone looking for long lost friends!

It is quite clear that MySpace is an excellent place for online networking safely. You can also learn how to find the people you want to network with on MySpace and also whether or not the networking should remain online.

Who Do You Want to Meet on MySpace?

When you are using MySpace to network, it is important to consider who you want to meet in your networking endeavor. There is a misconception that MySpace is just for young kids but many are finding there are all types of people using MySpace. Before making a decision about whether or not you want to network on MySpace, it is wise to spend some time searching around MySpace to find out whether or not there is a large amount of individuals who share your interests. Spending some time doing research before beginning your own MySpace website is helpful because otherwise you might invest time and energy into designing your website only to find there are not many members with which you want to network with.

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