PayPerPost – PPP Is The Leading Pay Per Review Advertising Provider – Get Paid To Blog

PayPerPost is a leading source where online advertisers and website owners can place their ads on blogs for a fee. Blogs are now recognized and moving into the forefront of effective internet communication providing an efficient platform for blog marketing opportunities. The search engines love and identify blogs as websites that are continuously updated with relevant information that their search engine customers demand.

There however is some misconception and disdain from pure bloggers that writing for pay is unethical where certain morality issues and integrity is lost. These bloggers to keep their loyal fan base of readers intact, refuse to offer these types of paid advertising on their blog postings. This is where the majority of the negative feedback regarding the “Pay For Review” concept is conceived.

Payperpost recognizes the importance and emergence of blogs and is taking advantage of this popular medium by parlaying its unique marketing concept into a win/win situation. PPP provides a platform for advertisers to effectively display their ads on blogs and they are willing to pay for it. Bloggers are rewarded for operating a successful information portal and are paid for displaying the advertisers message for the online masses to consume.

I signed up for PayPerPost… and I love it. The members area interface is easy to understand and navigate. Payment for blog posts are made via PayPal approximately 30 days after the review is posted and approved. Approval of the post takes just a few days up to a week. If your post requires modifications due to Pay Per Posts TOS or the advertisers requirements, re-editing is easy and can be done instantly.

PPP is by far the best pay to blog program available. There are others in this increasingly competitive market, but the rate of pay, the prompt customer service and quality of advertisers provided by PPP is by far superior.

PayPerPost allows and encourages interaction through their online forum where posties (the bloggers) can join in conversation and network with other blog owners. The PayPerPost staff also uses the forum as a platform to relay information, tips and alerts that improves the blogging process and usage of PPP.


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