PriceStore Offers Online Comparison Shopping – Guaranteed Lowest Prices On The Best Products

Pricestore Offers A Free 7 Day Trial Membership + A $25 Gift Card
PriceStore instantly provides you with immediate access to over 20 Million products and services, as well as price comparisons on any item you are searching for. Price Store also offers instant access to hundreds of online coupons from thousands of major retailers along with detailed exclusive “unbiased” product reviews by their customers and online staff who has actually bought, used or tested that product.

Pricestore is the pioneer in online personalized interactive, consumer based shopping that redefines an unique shopping experience by placing shopping experts at your fingertips. Now consumers looking for virtually any product can get immediate shopping information, where and whenever they need it. Consumers can shop from home via the easy-to-navigate Pricestore site with the assurance they will be getting the lowest possible price for the best reviewed product by their shopping peers.

With major retailers putting less and less emphasis on “one-on-one” personalized customer service and consumers not having the time to do adequate research prior to buying a product, Pricestore fulfills that gap with its personalized shopper reviews on any product imaginable.

Pricestore Offers A One-Stop Shopping Experience
Pricestore has redefined the online shopping experience with it’s powerful shopping information engine, which includes product pictures on most items, detailed specifications and store/product reviews, all described in detail by it’s shopping experts.

Pricestore Enables Consumers and Shoppers To:
• Get “peer to peer” advice from other “real” shoppers on what products to buy
• The ability to compare products as well as prices on millions of name brand items including TVs, computers, jewelry, clothing and home furnishings
• Immediately save on purchased products by searching for special offer coupons and rebates in their database
• Buy with confidence by reading consumer reviews on more than 30,000 merchants and retailers

Take advantage of Pricestore’s “Shopping Assistant” program which assists shoppers choose and evaluate the best model/product that fits their specific needs and “Rebate Central” which offers consumers to view and download special offers, coupons and rebates on that product.


Unlike other comparison shopping websites, Pricestore refuses payment from the stores it recommends because they want to offer completely objective reviews. Pricestore also does not allow any advertising on its site so it can focus completely on their consumer needs.

PriceStore currently has a 7-Day Free Trial Membership that includes a Free $25 gift card to start you off right.

About Pricestore
Pricestore is a division of Bargain Network. Bargain Network, which was founded in 1995, is a consumer orientated, buyer-advocate network that helps its subscriber base with the lowest price and product information on significant big ticket items such as: automobiles, homes, consumer goods and durables. The Bargain Network has its headquarters located in Goleta, Calif.

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