Review Of Adwords 180 – Google’s “Content Network” Is A Complete Waste Of Time And Money… Unless

WARNING – Do Not Use Google’s Content Network – Until You Read Adwords 180
So are you aware that Google AdWords PPC, Pay Per Click, program allows you to run your PPC ads on either their Search Network, their Content Network, or if you want… both?

What Is The Difference Between The Content and The Search Networks?
The most common method is placing ads on the search network. When you run your PPC ads on Adwords search network, they will appear on the right hand side or the top of Google’s natural search engine results page. The ads appear when someone performs a specific keyword search on Google or its network affiliates.

The other option is you can run your ads on Google’s content network. These content network ads will appear on prominent websites that are enrolled in Google’s AdSense program. Some examples would be major sites such as:, The NewYork Post etc. You most likely have visited some of these major websites that have the Google ad blocks on them. They are those familiar rectangular or square ad blocks that display the ID tag that reads “Ads by Goooogle”. These AdSense ads are paid for by the AdWords advertisers. When you choose to have your Pay Per Click ads show up on the content network, and someone clicks your ad, Google will then charge you the bid price for that click and then shares a portion of the revenue with the website owner.

Although the majority of advertisers stay away from using the content network option, there are some distinct advantages. It all depends on what you are expecting to achieve with your Pay Per Click campaign.

Do Not Use Google’s Content Network – Until You Read Adwords 180

Say for example, if you are giving away a “Free” report that your prospective customers can download, then you may want to get all the exposure you can get. If thats the case, then the content network may be just what you need. Your PPC ads will appear on a wide cross section of popular websites and the amount of visitors you will receive will increase significantly.


On the other hand, if you or your product are in a highly competitive market, where you have to bid substantial amounts for each click, you may then want to stick with Google’s “Search Network” instead. The general idea being that you will usually generate more targeted clicks on the search network.

When using the content network, if done incorrectly, it may result in your Pay Per Click ad to be shown to website visitors that may not be interested in your product at all. They will however click on your ad just for curiosity sake. If you bid for ‘keywords” that are fairly high, you could as a result be burning a lot of money with little or no conversion.

The problem using the content network is that the website your ads are placed on is selected by Google’s own “interpretation” of the websites topic. This “interpretation” is performed by Google’s software algorithm, which most often it is not that accurate. How many times have you visited a website about a specific subject, but the AdSense ads shown are about something that is totally different?

Do Not Use Google’s Content Network – Until You Read Adwords 180
Using Adwords for many is seductive, it is a tease. Why? Well because it is the precise point where the rubber hits the road. Where the sheit hits the fan. The precise moment where ads can instantly turn into cash. You can easily get 100 targeted buying visitors to your website or product within a few hours, and make thousands of dollars, or you can just as easily burn $100 in a few hours without one valid sale or visitor.

So Why Is Adwords 180 Different? Using The Adwords180 Plan Exploiting The Google CPM Network
What is CPM you’re wondering?
CPM is defined as “cost per thousand – 1000 impressions”. This equates to how much an advertiser pays for every 1,000 page views or impressions they get. Say you pay $500 CPM – and you get 10,000 impressions. Your CPM would be $50.00 ($500 divided by 10 (10,000/1000=10) ).

Using Google Adwords CPM is certainly a different angle, some say loophole, but definitely a different look at placing ads using the “Content Network”. It allows you to pay a certain $$$ amount for every 1000 impressions of your ad, rather than paying for every click. The biggest drawback of this method is that it does not matter if you get clicks on your ad or not, you are still charged. So the method involves targeting your ads as tightly as possible.

Although you will not be paying a lot for these 1000 impressions, most often only a few dollars per 1000 impressions, the click through rates (CTR) can be potentially bad and as a result, you will end up paying a lot more “per click”.

Adwords 180 sets out strict “guidelines and rules” that will allow you to choose the best relevant pages on the best websites for your CPM ads to appear on. You will also know in advance how much traffic you will be expected to receive from your chosen web page on Google’s Syndication network, as well as you knowing exactly how much you will be paying.

By using the Adwords180 method, you should be able to get CTRs in the 25% range for your ads.

By using Google’s CPM, a decent bid per 1000 impressions on your ad should cost around $2-3 dollars. Keep in mind that this does not guarantee that you will receive any sales or clicks on your ad, as you are paying for display and not clicks. You are paying the $2 for 1000 appearances of your ad on the specified web page. If done improperly, you may not even get one click…


If you however follow the 180 plan, realistically you can get approximately around a 25% CTR or 250 clicks per 1000 impressions.

Location Location Location – It’s All About Location
So you’ve seen the various Adsense ads and how Google displays these ads usually in the familiar 320 x 280 rectangle box. When you target your particular ad in that rectangle, it tells you that you’ve met Google’s “Quality Score” for the web page you target.

First of all, your CTR (CTR is the percentage of clicks you receive on your ad), skyrockets, and that notifies Google that your ad is the perfect fit for the visitors on that particular targeted web page. That makes Google happy as they like relevancy and they may just reward you by not showing ads by your competition.

So instead of showing the usual 4 ads in that rectangle, Google may choose to just show your ad in the whole ad block – thus no competition. This will obviously boost your CTR up a few more notches and the ad should pull decent traffic to your site.

Does Adwords 180 Work? – Well… Hell Yes

If you know what to do with this cheap targeted traffic, if you have a plan to convert this targeted traffic into cash – whether it be Adsense Arbitrage, Affiliate programs or a Squeeze or Landing page, and you have the resources to invest in this method, then Adwords180 is highly recommended.

Beware Of The Poorly Written Ads
If you do not know how to write effective relevant ads that grab the visitors attention, then learn before you attempt Adwords 180.

If you are not yet able to write effective, nuts grabbing Adword ads that are capable of converting the traffic into buyers, then don’t waste your time. You will be burning valuable traffic that most webmasters would kill for, and you will lose money in spite of all that tightly targeted traffic. Conversions is the key and solving this riddle is the major hurdle for a majority of Adword marketers.

So if you know how to write successful ad campaigns that converts and you want cheap focused traffic, go ahead and buy Adwords 180. If you have to brush up on writing ads, then learn that first. Don’t even consider buying Adwords 180 until you do – otherwise you will be just wasting your money.

Do Not Use Google’s Content Network – Until You Read Adwords 180

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