Review Of Affiliate Elite – Watch How An Affiliate Made $42,000+ In 2Weeks

Affiliate Elite is a premium software program developed by Internet Marketing expert, Brad Callen. He and his team has also produced SEO Elite and Keyword Elite, so you know you are getting a quality product with excellent support and updates. Affiliate Elite is an application designed to help internet marketers extract the exact keywords used by other successful affiliate marketers by reverse engineering the process. You will be able to discover and use the very same successful keywords they are using in their Clickbank or PayDotCom marketing campaigns.

The power and the features that are packed behind the Affiliate Elite program, when applied properly, can do the ground work for you to make you a successful affiliate. You can quickly discover the exact methods other super affiliates are using so you can duplicate them, or even improve on them. You can search which keywords that are ‘currently’ the most popular. This is useful as there are new users who are punching in and searching for new and unique keyword combinations and queries in the search engines on a daily basis.

Become A Super Affiliate With – Affiliate Elite

Like Keyword Elite, the Affiliate Elite software has several built in components that compliment each other. As in this case, AE has 4 unique project modules. You can use them together on one campaign, or use them individually.

A 2 Week Profit Of $42,278.65! Using Affiliate Elite…

The 4 Affiliate Elite Project Components:
1. Project #1 – You can easily find the most profitable affiliate programs to promote. Instantly gain access to Clickbank and PayDotCom’s products database and Affiliate Elite will accurately compile precise statistics for you to pick the right program to promote.


2. Project #2 – Reverse Google Search
Insert a successful affiliate marketers website URL and the reverse Google Search function will compile the exact ‘closely guarded’ keywords that they are using for their AdWords campaign, as well as the exact keywords that are ranking well in the organic search engines.

3. Project #3 – Analyzing Your Google AdWords Competition
You can import that keyword list and then rerun the exact project. Affiliate Elite will search for all the advertisers for that program you want to promote and reveal all their ads they are using as well as their landing pages for each of the keywords you’ve requested.

4. Project #4 – Find The Super Affiliates And Programs
You can simply enter the Merchant ID code from the established money making websites found in Project #1, and watch Affiliate Elite do its magic. The application will quickly reveal all of their affiliates, including their personal contact information! This comes in handy if you want to JV with them etc.

Affiliate Elite does indeed give you, if you are a serious affiliate, an unfair advantage.

Become A Super Affiliate With – Affiliate Elite

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