Review Of – Win Money To Predict Future Events allows you the opportunity to earn some extra cash to guess. To predict the outcome of some future event on topics such as sporting events, current news events and every day common pop-culture related events. You can now earn cash on predicting future events such as: What is Britney going to do next? Which high profile couple is going to “Crash and Burn” or even guessing the next big “IPO” on the stock market. Yes, if you can accurately guess what will happen next, you can earn cash.

Guessnow offers money to be won, all you do is answer with simple multiple-choice answers, your best predictions on such endearing questions such as: “Who is going to make the next disaster move to harm their career.. Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton?” or “Who will win the 2007 World Series Of Baseball?”. does not require you to be an expert or a genius to win money, they just want you to use your intuitive powers.. and its completely 100% free to join.

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So How Does Work?

The process of participating with is quite easy. Members are asked to choose a multiple-choice answer from a list of options (usually around 4-5 picks) available on what they feel will be the most likely final outcome of an event.

Once you answer which you think will be the best result, thats it, there’s really no penalty or shame if you answer incorrectly. GuessNow also allows you to even change your answer at any time before the event happens. When the actual event does occur and you have correctly predicted the outcome, you will win the points the question was predetermined to be worth. The points for each question is worth a different set amount. While some of the easier questions are worth 10 points, others with varying degrees of difficulty may be worth 50 or 100 points. The point value assigned for each question may remain the same throughout its cycle or it may be reduced over time.


At the end of each month, will then take the total allocated dollar amount of the prize pool and divide it by the amount of awarded points in determining the actual cash value of each point. Members can earn money by trading in their points for cash.

Join GuessNow For Free Now!! Win Cash

So Is Disguised As A Gambling Site?

Well, GuessNow does have all the indications of being just another internet gambling site. But a closer look and you will find out and realize that just isn’t the case. This is because members that join the free site, are never asked to put up any of their own money as in a deposit. Because of this, members can never really lose cash or even lose their points that they’ve won by guessing incorrectly.

How Can Afford To Pay Out Money?

So the most logical question by skeptics would be… if GuessNow doesn’t ask you for money for you to join, then how can they afford to pay out cash? So where and how does GuessNow derive income to be able to pay out? Because of this, there seems to be a fundamental flaw in their business model.

Well, there are a couple ways for this to work. The first and most obvious is advertising. As the GuessNow site becomes more and more popular and we all well know that genuine traffic talks, GuessNow would be in a position to sell advertising on their site. In fact, if you read their “Terms of Service” it states the following: You understand and agree that the Service may include advertisements and that these advertisements are necessary for GuessNow to provide the Service.

Another reason is that GuessNow controls the payouts every month. The dollar amount of each earned point is determined by the existing and available cash pool for that month. Another way for Guessnow to generate income as stated again, in their “Terms of Service” is that GuessNow is entitled to charge a monthly service fee of $2.50 per month against any user account with a positive balance. This is perfectly acceptable as the fee will be automatically deducted from your positive account balance before you receive the funds.

So How Do You Sign up For GuessNow


Signing up for the GuessNow website is fast and easy. All they require is a valid E-mail address, your preferred username and password and you accepting their “Terms of Service” agreement. They also give you an option to opt-out of their regular e-mails if you wish.

The best part? GuessNow is free to join.

Join GuessNow For Free Now!! Win Cash

How Does GuessNow Payout

GuessNow currently just has one option for payouts, and that is via PayPal. Payouts begin with a minimum balance of $25. Accounts with less than $25 will be added to the next months balance.

Other Features And Benefits When Joining GuessNow

* offers additional bonus points to members who submit questions and they end up using them.
* offers is a wide variety of categories and subjects for questions you can choose to participate in. These include: Business and Financial Topics, Popular People and Entertainment Events, US Events and World News as well as Sporting Events.

The foundation of is certainly credible as the former owner and CEO of website giant,, is the developer of this project.

It combines a Web 2.0 aspect utilizing social interactivity and is a perfect community participation tool for friends to share. The most important and popular component? It is free to join, it offers cash payouts while you having a fun time doing so.

Join GuessNow For Free Now!! Win Cash

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