Review Of Jeff Alderson’s PLR Domination – 5 Ingredients To Increasing Conversion Sales Of Your Private Label Rights (PLR)

You can now finally forget about the aggravation and expensive task of developing your own products to sell. Private label rights or PLR now offers you the opportunity and ability to instantly skip the entire process altogether.

But other than owning your own Private Label products, you will obviously be required to drive focused hungry targeted traffic to your sites as well as turning these visitors into buyers. Which is known as the “conversion rate”.

During this continuous cycle of product development and marketing, you also need to be improving and increasing your sales methods as well as adding additional products and services to your arsenal. All this along with adding “add on products”, bonuses or upgraded products to market to your existing customer base and your email lists.

Your ultimate goal should be to stand and perform “heads and shoulders” above your competitors.

Own Unique PLR Products Ghostwritten By A Top-Selling Copywriter

Not All Private Label Products Are The Same

One of the most common mistakes you can make with PLR or private label rights products is selling the products as is. This is not recommended as the majority of newly released PLR products are of low quality or you will compete against others who bought the same package, running into the dreaded duplicate content problem. This also applies to the salesletter which typically is also poorly written. Revise and rewrite these before you publish them online.

We cannot stress this enough, not rewriting the content and just immediately publishing these online will not drive any type of targeted traffic to your site. The website will just sit there and collect virtual dust.


5 Steps To Successfully Market Your PLR Website:
1. Develop multiple sources of traffic. Start with getting instantly focused traffic by using Google Adwords or Yahoo Ads, write related articles and distribute them to the top article directories such as, write and submit press releases of your website to etc, create a or blog with links back to your site, create simple videos for distribution on and other viral video sites.

2. Examine, monitor and analyze your major competitors in your niche market. Subscribe to their email lists, see what “techniques” they are using in their salesletters, find out how and what type of follow-up products they use and sell, and find out where they are getting their conversion traffic from… where are they advertising?

3. Research and do due diligence on your niche market. Understanding the tenancies of your market is crucial to being able to sell to them. What product do they want or what problem do they want to solve the most? Study, analyze and become your prospect. Read related industry magazines, visit similar niche websites etc. Get into the way your customer thinks and find a solution to their problem.

4. Connect with your peers in the market place. This is one of the best ways to meet potential JV partners that may possibly promote your product. The most potent and easiest way is to do an interview with them. This will give them an opportunity to promote their own products and more importantly themselves. Make sure you record or video the interview as you can also distribute it to your customers as a bonus. You get valuable content and the new JV partner gets exposure.

5. Get believable genuine testimonials for your product. Ask those that you have interviewed to write an review for your product or submit a testimonial. You can also ask your existing customer base for valid unbiased testimonials. This is very easy process to do. Testimonials have proven to be one of the most powerful ways to boost conversion sales rates.

If you follow these five guidelines to increasing sales, you will dramatically boost your PLR private label rights products success rate!

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Own Unique PLR Products Ghostwritten By A Top-Selling Copywriter

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