Review Of The Top Ten Most Recommended And Popular Toys of 2007

Here is a review and compiled list of the Top 10 Most Recommended Toys for Christmas 2007. They are also some of the most newest and most innovative and educational toys that are available this year. These toys that were deemed ‘the best’ were judged and voted on several different criteria such as: innovation, educational value, enjoyment and fun level, ease of use, uniqueness and of course toy safety.

As usual, this year as in past years, electronic toys dominate the market on the most wanted list. There are however a few top toys such as the traditional ‘Barbie Princess Rosella’ doll which are not electronic.

Here Are The Top Ten Most Recommended And Popular Toys of 2007 Take A Look!
1. SmartCycle Physical Learning Arcade System
The Fisher-Price’s SmartCycle. The Smart Cycle designed for preschoolers, plugs directly into your TVs A/V jack. Then your kids pedal through the various adventures on the screen. Includes software and has three options: Learning Arcade Games, The Big Race and Driving.

2. Transformers Movie Ultimate Bumblebee
From Hasbro’s Transformers Movie ‘Ultimate Bumblebee’. This product from the Transformers Movie is about Ultimate Bumblebee, who transforms from a Camaro to an Ultimate Bumblebee robot. This toy comes complete with light/sound effects. Touch a button, it transforms itself from car to robot. A great toy for boys for ages 5+.

3. Puppy Grows And Knows Your Name
The Puppy Grows And Knows Your Name, is a great toy from Fisher-Price. It is innovative and cute as heck. This toy puppy is also a great technological invention. The puppy actually grows to a full sized doggy in 4 days. It also knows its own name, as well as your child’s name and can sing two songs using… yes, your child’s name.

4. Furreal Friends Squawkers McCaw Parrot
Hasbro’s Furreal Friends Squawkers McCaw Parrot takes interactive play and toy technology to a different next level. It has voice recognition, animation, it also dances and sings. It can repeat what you say, so be careful!

5. Power Tour Electric Guitar
Hasbro’s Power Tour Guitar is a great way for your kids to learn the guitar. They have put together a great educational and fun product. The Power Tour Electric Guitar has no strings, but touch activated.


6. Eye-Clops Handheld Bionic Eye
Eye-Clops is a hand held bionic eye that you can plug into your TV. It is designed to keep your kids excited and educated for hours. Eye-Clops provides close up images of objects and shows it on your TV screen. Anything small, minute things such as bugs, insects, salt etc.

7. Smart Sticks – Hooked on Phonics Electronic Learning
Zizzle’s Smart Sticks is a simplistic and educational toy. The Smart Sticks based on Hooked on Phonics. It teaches your kids colors, letters, numbers and shapes, all electronic.

8. Disney Flix Video Cam
Disney’s Flix Video Cam is an inexpensive video camera bundled with its Magic Director software. Connect the easy plug and play camera directly into your home computer and the software allows you to edit away. The camera has a built in storage capacity of 128MB, along with a SD card slot.

9. Barbie as the Island Princess – Princess Rosella Doll
Mattel’s Barbie Island Princess comes with an unique outfit and theme. This traditional doll dressed in blue comes with feathers and accessories. Also comes with Sagi, Barbie’s animal friend.

10. Rubik’s Revolution
The Rubik’s Revolution is a catchy, fun and entertaining toy. The Rubik’s Revolution is similar to the original Rubik’s cube, only electronic. There are six games on the Rubik’s Revolution. It is a pretty challenging toy for kids of all ages.

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