Review Of ‘The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole On MSN’ How You Can Actually Rank For Any Keyword With MSN Live Search

Everyone who has a website wants to have their particular site rank well in Google, right?

Sure and why not? You need free targeted visitors. Not only can big brother Google send you a humongous boatload of traffic – the traffic is also highly focused on your keywords or website niche, and is still one of the best ‘free’ ways to drive business to your site.

But here is the problem. The exact same idea on appearing Number 1 in Google is wanted and thus shared with thousands or at times millions of your direct competitors. This creates an unwanted competitive environment where you will always be spitting, kicking and scratching to maintaining your traffic – along with the fear that your website and livelihood is only one unannounced “Google algorithm update” away from disappearing from their site.

And to begin with, that’s if you can even get ranked in Google for any decent keyword that describes your business…

Google Likes Large Established Authority Sites
It’s a pretty well known fact that Google only likes the largest, and most established reliable high traffic authority sites out there. These are the sites that are regularly being ranked by Google and thus as a result, they see consistent traffic. And even then, it’s not a guarantee that their ranking is secure as it can fluctuate constantly – even several times a day in some cases.

So the fact is – it’s getting really hard for the “little guy website” to get any kind of reliable ranking and a meaningful web presence on the internet these days.


Also getting ranked in the major search engines traditionally is almost impossible unless you’ve got a substantial promotional budget, and a lot of time on your hands to “sit and wait” for your website domain to become trusted by these search engines, especially for Google as they favor older aged domains. Advertising with PPC, pay-per-click ads such as Adwords isn’t really that affordable either as it once was.

Search engine optimization marketing has become what everyone once predicted and feared it would be – a method reserved just for big business and big websites.

But There Is Hope
What if there was still a way for you to legitimately rank for high profile keywords that gets tons of traffic?

And what if you as a website owner can do this without having to spend weeks or months or even years building up an authority site to do so?

What would you say if you can systematically build one page simple mini-sites that could rapidly and consistently rank in one of the top 3 spots for practically any keyword you choose to target within a matter of a week or so?

Is This For Real? You Ask…

Well, in a single word… YES.

But it’s not with Google.

It’s happening right now on another high profile search engine, Ever heard of them? It’s owned by this guy named Bill Gates.

Now – before you say – yes, I know what MSN is, but it doesn’t get nearly the reach or traffic that Google or Yahoo does. True. But keep in mind, it still receives millions upon millions of searches daily and it is a completely different demographic. When you first buy a computer, MSN is the default home page and there are millions of people, who do not stray and use it for all their searches.


And, to really put it all in perspective, which would drive more traffic to your site?

You occupying the #1 spot and ranking for your most desired keyword on MSN?

Or you occupying the #147 spot on page 15 on Google?

And sadly, it actually requires a lot more effort to make it to the 147th spot in Google than it is to dominate the first page on MSN.

So how does this work?

Watch this video to find out:

Like I said – for now, forget about Google.

Focus on something that you can actually WIN with, and win big!

The Power to Legally Exploit – Rapidly Rank For Virtually Any Keyword You Want?

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