Review Of Yahoo Sponsored Search For Effective Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Yahoo! Search Marketing

These tips on how to effectively use Pay-Per-Click should assist you in avoiding making costly mistakes and substantially increase your ROI when using Yahoo’s Sponsored Search as an Internet marketing strategy. Yahoo’s Sponsored Search payperclick (PPC) program allows you to target traffic to your website or landing page instantly through search marketing using keywords. The Sponsored Search program allows you to create ads that will display in their organic search results page based on the relevant keywords that you choose best describing your product or service.

Yahoo and other Pay Per Click programs gives you instant access to over 40+ million customers who use search engines daily to find services, products or information. Surveys show that 70% of adult North Americans use search engines to perform online research before making a purchasing decision. This makes search engine marketing an extremely effective and powerful internet marketing method. Unlike other forms of direct advertising, where potential prospects are not looking for ads, people who are using search engines are searching for your ads. Yahoo Sponsored Search provides useful tools that allow you to research the exact keywords that your potential customers actually search to find your website.

One of the first steps to successful PayPerClick PPC marketing is to find effective popular keywords that your intended target market is likely to be searching for.

Yahoo’s Sponsored Search and Its Content Match PPC Program
Yahoo’s Sponsored Search program offers two options: Content Match and Sponsored Search. Sponsored Search will display your text ad directly on the Yahoo search results when someone searches the exact keyword or keyword phrase string. Your ad will appear at either the very top of the results or on the right of the free Yahoo search listings. Your account is charged only when your ad is clicked on.

Yahoo’s Content Match Program allows your PPC ad to appear on top of the search results near relevant articles, news items, product reviews and other related pertinent information. In addition to Yahoo’s organic search results, your Content Match ads will also be displayed on: CNN, HP, USA Today, iVillage, NetZero, InfoSpace, eBay, AllTheWeb, United Online, Move Network, NBC, CitySearch, Altavista, NationalGeographic and Yahoo allows you to take advantage of both of these programs when using Sponsored Search. Yahoo Sponsored Search obviously shares similar features that the Google AdWords program offers. Yahoo also allows you to split test different versions of your ads on their system for identifying which ads and keywords performs the best. When split-testing your ads, Yahoo Sponsored Search will automatically display the ad that gets the best response.

Your Yahoo Sponsored Search ad will consist of a keyword phrase, the description and a URL link to your landing page or website. You will be able to set a maximum bid price for every keyword term and most often you will pay much less than your bid. You will also be able to set a daily and a monthly ad budget. Yahoo determines the ranking of your keywords based on clicked keyword performance.


Yahoo’s Sponsored Search program allows you to target your PPC ads locally, nationally or internationally based on their Geo-targeting system. Customers that are searching from your local immediate area can find your keywords or you can use geographic keywords allowing people to know where you are located. These are just a few of the features of Yahoo! Sponsored Search lists your business on top sites like Yahoo!, AltaVista and CNN. Sign up and get a $25 credit.

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