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If you’ve been dabbling in internet marketing for a while, promoting affiliate products, then Alex Goads Affiliate Payload may be for you. You’ve must of certainly come across CPA lead-generation marketing which is essentially getting and generating leads for established online companies such as Yahoo, Blockbuster, etc. So to many, it may seem like a gold mine. You direct your visitors on the internet to fill out a form or receive a free trial of a product and get paid anywhere from $1.00 up to $100. That’s it, that’s all you have to do to get paid. The online advertising company you send the lead to takes care of the rest.

So are you interested on how you can earn money manufacturing these leads? Although this type of internet marketing has been around for a while, and there are a lot of affiliates making huge income, there has been a certain secrecy on how these advanced marketers have been making commission. Well, Alex Goad opens the jar a bit, he teases on how affiliate marketers profit from promoting CPA offers.

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For the price you are paying, this is good stuff, although it may not be for the faint of heart or for absolute beginners, no matter what he claims. What he has done is compiled a list of effective marketing methods to promote CPA lead generation.

The product is essentially an introduction to the various CPA marketing techniques, on how to create ROI from promoting these networks by driving traffic to them through various methods. There are however some things you may need to know in advance, such as an understanding on how Adwords work, basic HTML etc. and how to test, split test a lot of campaigns for the best fit and results.

So using CPA products to get paid, he goes into approximately 8 or so methods into manufacturing your efforts into money. When internet marketing, there is a ‘gap’ that many marketers seem to ignore or refuse to cross. This gap is getting from Point A to Point B, where you have the opportunity to promote a CPA lead and willing to do the work required to turn it into cash.


What he does in Affiliate Payload is he fills in the gaps. The same gaps or bridges that exists where you can find the precise moment where motivated visitors are ready to complete these CPA offers that you get paid for.

Get – Affiliate Payload

For example.
CPA Product
A popular CPA product is ringtones. You get paid say… $6 for every valid person you send to this ringtone CPA offer. You get paid $6 for everyone who fills in the required 5 field or whatever form. Seems easy enough?

The Gap
So how do you find the exact, precise motivated people looking for ringtones who has a cell phone. Its all about timing. How do you find these people who will fill in the form on your affiliate landing page, so you will get paid.

If you successfully find say… 20 people a day at a $6 per payout… you earn $120 per day, sounds simple enough right? Well NO. Its a lot tougher than you think to motivate or force people to take the time out to fill out a form, disclose personal information or their credit card at the precise time they are ready to act.

What Affiliate Payload does is it bridges that gap. It shows you 8 or so different ways on how to find qualified people to fill out those CPA forms or offers.

This is more of a business rather than a quickie solution to make $100 a day. You have to work at it and expand, experiment and execute on what he explains. He does somewhat generalizes on the concepts, but also points you in the right direction, he does not disclose everything, what your job is, is to refine the concepts to the point where you earn money.

Of the marketers who buy this ebook, 80% percent will do nothing. They will read the concepts and somehow talk themselves out of it and doing nothing. Just a natural law of self doubt, laziness, skepticism, call it whatever you want. The ones who do something, apply the methods, test and retest will be the ones who can benefit from this book.

Get – Affiliate Payload

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