Review On Bloggerwave – Bloggers Get Paid For Reviews

This is further proof that blogs are now prominent mainstream media outlets and not just techies and students talking out loud on their online diaries for anyone who cares to read. Blogs are now almost an antiquated word and should by rights just be known as “websites”. Because of the blogs emergence, marketing has sunk their gritty teeth into the medium like you knew they would. One of the most popular methods being “pay-per review” where bloggers are paid to comment or review on various products and/or services for a fee. The pay scale is dependent on your blogs rank, blog niche, popularity and the quality of posts. Earnings for these marketing bloggers vary from just a few dollars to potentially hundreds of dollars for a single 50 to 400 word review.

One site offering paid reviews is Bloggerwave, a startup company by its parent, IQ Division, who is an interactive media marketing company based in Denmark. Bloggerwave offers marketing opportunities for bloggers to write feedback about their advertisers websites, which may include products or services or about the companies themselves. Registration is easy and getting your blog approved is quick and almost automatic. After approval, there are opportunities offered to you that best suits you and your blog niche.

Each opportunity presented by Bloggerwave contains the advertisers requirements that you must meet, as well as the price you will be paid for the post. The review that you write, including the exact url on your blog is then submitted and tracked by a code provided by Bloggerwave to the advertiser for their approval before payment is made. If the post is at first not approved, resubmission is available after revision. All payments are made by PayPal after the post remains on your blog for a minimum of 30 days.

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