Review On Constant Content – Authors Freelance Writers Get Paid $10 – $100 for Your Articles

Constant Content is a content exchange website if you are an author or freelance writer, and wish to sell your work to potential article content buyers for a set fee. You can write articles and reports on any topic you choose, at your pace and submit the articles for sale at the price you choose. The rates for article content, based on length and quality, is anywhere from $10 – $100 for each piece that you write.

Constant Content is popular as website owners who are interested in purchasing quality content online is aware of this site and as a result receives a large amount of traffic daily. Business and website owners are always looking to purchase new articles, unique blog posts, press releases, product descriptions, tutorials and reviews. There is always a steady demand on any topic and you can be assured that they will pay an excellent price for content and may even employ you on a longterm basis.

When you as an author submit new content to Constant Content, you can choose to write about any subject or topic you want and put it up for sale. However, what makes Constant Content unique is their Public Requests area. This is where purchasers of content will post exactly what they want written and the price they’re willing to pay. This eliminates the guesswork out of choosing and researching a topic. Thats already been done for you. They will specify the topic, the price they will pay, the length of the article or report and often the website it will appear on.

How To Format And Write Your Articles To Get Paid
Before submitting content you will want to make sure you follow several rules:
> You are submitting unique original content that is free of any grammar mistakes.
> You have made and stated a word count.
> If you’ve written content to sell, it must not contain links.
> You must include a summary about your article content topic, summing up the general points or major theme.
> The content needs to be professionally formatted.
> Anything you submit for sale should not contain any self-promoting material.

If you like to write and want to get paid for it, Constant Content is an excellent place to start. Registration is instant and free. The pay is above average. You can sell your work or write for requests in the “Public Requests” area. Payment for your work is regular, most often within a few days for all approved material. Sign Up Here.

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