Review On DealDotCom – Deal Dot Com Is A Free Membership Internet Marketing Shopping Network By Jason Potash

DealDotCom provides another “Bonk” on the head, why didn’t I think of this moment. Deal Dot Com is a discounted shopping network specific for Internet Marketers with it’s “One Product A Day” sales concept, where they sell top selling and vital marketing information, products or services at deep discount prices. Sort of like a “Woot” designed from the IM Community. Products for Deal Dot Com will include the following: How To IM Information, blogging and blog marketing, ebay marketing, search engine optimization, Google, Yahoo, MSN SEO Marketing tips, social and web 2.0 marketing information, internet marketing programs, videos and ebooks, investing and financial information, ecommerce marketing, small business marketing… and so on.

The creators of DealDotCom are well known and respected Internet Marketers and authors: Jason Potash and Marc Quarles, who brought you Orwell, Article Announcer, Portal Feeder amongst other successful internet marketing tools and programs.

Join For Free Today For A Lifetime Of Two-Tier Affiliate Commissions

Why does the early bird get the worm? because its true and it’s hungry. There are moments and times when you see a great opportunity and concept and with no hesitation, you join. Especially if the membership is free. The payout offers a Permanent Lifetime Two-Tier Commission structure. What that means is you receive trickle down commissions on sales made by the affiliates that signup under your link. So if a heavy hitter with a humongous and hungry list of buyers is on your second tier, you get paid. Products that you personally promote will net you a 35% commission as well as an additional 15% from DealDotCom affiliates on your second tier. Again, Lifetime.

DealDotCom – Deal Dot Com Is A Free Membership Internet Marketing Shopping Network

How Does Deal Dot Com Work?
Each and every day, DealDotCom will offer ONE as in a singular product for sale. This featured product will be available at an extremely discounted price, and only limited copies will be made available. The product will be for sale until it’s designated limited availability sells out or it reaches midnight the same day. After midnight, Deal Dot Com will then remove the product and will begin selling a new marketing product.

So if you are an Internet marketer who has a blog or website and promotes affiliate information or someone who just wants popular products at deeply discounted prices… It’s recommended you join ASAP as tens of thousands of marketers are bound to get aboard when the masses are alerted.

Official Launch of DealDotCom is September 14th, 2007


DealDotCom – Deal Dot Com Is A Free Membership Internet Marketing Shopping Network

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