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Helium is a writers site that aims to be slightly different as compared to the more popular consumer review sites out there. Instead of pure opinionated consumer reviews, Helium also concentrates on advice with follow up discussion as well as “how to and tutorial” based articles and creative writing pieces.

There is a rating system that makes Helium unique. Instead of someone rating an article on its own merits, you compare two similar articles side by side to each other and make a decision and vote on which is the better of the two. The theory being that you rate purely on the quality of the article rather than adding bias based on a particular writer.

Helium is a live reference resource that combines member contributed content along with a peer to peer review system. This site allows a place where members can read, submit and rate content written by others. There are a variety of topical subjects, authors with solid viewpoints and opinions on Helium that makes it a popular and free destination to express yourself. Participants find it addictive because it’s a site where you can be passionate about different viewpoints and share them with others. The site strongly encourages debate and reader feedback and it thrives on subjective content.

Overall, Helium is a popular community site where you can meet different writers of all likes, backgrounds and interests and form online relationships by voicing your insights. All this and of course you getting paid for your input and participation.

If you have real life world experiences to share with someone, Helium provides the perfect medium to express your thoughts, give advice and answer questions. The site has an unique “comments” section that accepts and encourages differing opinions to any questions. The best of the content pages are voted on and rated and the cream of the crop rise to the top. Earn Cash For Writing!
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