Review On John Reese – The Rebirth of Internet Marketing

John Reese is a marvel. He started in the concept of making money with a personal computer using online BBS, then using the internet when it was primarily a tool to communicate via text on a computer screen rather than words over a telephone. Early in the 1990s, He was one of the very first pioneers to conceptualize earning a buck by selling a product via online. And he did it very well. When John Reese speaks and writes. A lot of people stop, listen and take notes.

His latest message is – The rebirth of internet marketing. Making money online in 2007 and beyond. He speaks of an internet marketing world where the masses around the planet are joining in and discovering the ease, simplicity and low cost of starting an internet business. Competition is good thing, but the internet is not a level playing field. Setting up a website and instantly marketing to a million people is achievable in one day and can be done dirt cheap. You are being squeezed out. The race to make a $20 sale is harder than ever. The 80/20 traditional rule in business is now 99/1 in the internet marketing world. You can now really be a dog and no one will know. Well.. all I can say is.. Your dog has bark, my dog has bite.

John Reese first came up with the concept of VRE – Virtual Real Estate involved websites based on niche markets using specific keywords to monetize on Adsense and affiliate products. If you are still doing this, this may not be as effective as it was in the past. The search engines and the people reading the sometimes spam verbiage are now much too smart. John Reese now specifies tactics to stay ahead of the curve to offer service orientated authority sites. The days of the gigantic sales letter that takes an hour to read and the copywriter a month to write is dead. So are mailing lists bombarding you with affiliate laced products and name squeeze pages may also soon become extinct.

Go back to the foundation of the internet. The basis and intention of the original internet was free information. This is what Mr Reese stresses. Give back. Give information. That is the backbone of the internet, so reward your readers with the benefit of what they are looking for. Video is the new medium to portray your message. Keep it short, to the point, give the information they are looking for and don’t annoy.

You can find the download link to the report in the first post on his new blog:
‘The Rebirth Of Internet Marketing’

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