Review On National Real Estate Buyers Club – Join NREBCs Free Trial Today

Have you always wanted to invest in real estate or do you have years of experience as an professional RE investor. Once joining NREBC, there are advantages that are available to you as a member of the National Real Estate Buyers Club. Take advantage of the NREBC Free No Obligation Trial for just $1.99.

Enjoy The Following Benefits As A Member
A Personalized NREBC Web Site
Receive a professional NREBC web site to establish your public presence as well as it being an aide for your real estate marketing efforts. Just simply direct your potential clients to your site to view the properties you are listing. The website also becomes a valuable assistant in creating and establishing yourself as a professional real estate investor.

Real Estate Hot Lists
The NREBC offers a “hot list” of national real estate investment opportunities around the United States that you have access to. These include current listings of recent: bankruptcies, home repossessions, state seizures as well as abandoned properties that investors are looking for. You can also list your own properties you have for sale for other investors to purchase.

Aria Mortgage Services
As all experienced real estate investors know, getting loans for your investment properties can be a difficult process, especially from traditional financial institutions. Aria Mortgage Services is a lender specifically created for the real estate investor. Aria Financial makes it easier to borrow while eliminating the hassles other banks and mortgage companies may have. Aria understands real estate investing and has different loan programs for real estate investors like you.

Online Real Estate Auctions
The NREBC also provides a seamless online realestate auction interface, allowing you to sell your investment properties through online auctions such as ebay. The process is simplified. Listing your propeties for auction is a snap when you are a member of the NREBC.

Property Comparable’s Search
This tool allows comparison of property selling prices of similar houses in your immediate area to help determine an accurate real market value of your properties. This program which was once only available to qualified licensed realtor’s, is a great resource to determine your actual buying or selling prices.


Networking With Other Investors
With your NREBC membership, there are opportunities to network with other investors across the nation. NREBC allows you to become part of a group of realestate investors with just one goal in mind? succeeding! The NREBC users database allows you to be able to create partnerships and build relationships with others who share the same common interests and motives.

Building Professional Relationships
With NREBC, you will also build professional relationships with vital business partners such as: bankers, mortgage brokers, tax specialists, real estate brokers and attorneys etc. who are all interested in your success as a real estate investor. Join the National Real Estate Buyers Club Today.

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